The Volume and Capacity Pack

Help your children to learn about volume and capacity with our bumper resource pack. It includes topic guides to explore together, display posters, reference materials and a wide range of activities to download and complete!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • Two 10 Page Guides – Help your children to learn about volume and capacity with our handy teaching guides. They include information about when we use volume / capacity, related vocabulary, units of measurement, calculations, problem solving and more.
  • Nine ‘Calculating Volume’ Sheets – Ask your students to calculate the volume of each shape in these handy activity sheets. These are available at nine different levels of difficulty.
  • Two ‘Missing Measurements’ Challenges – Can your children work out the missing measurements of these cubes and cuboids?
  • Three ‘Order the Capacities’ Resources – A simple set of illustrations showing different containers. Can your children cut and stick them in the correct order?
  • One ‘Compare the Capacities’ Activity – Challenge your students to compare the amount of liquid in these containers and use <, > and = to show their answers.
  • Twelve Examples of Capacities – A set of posters and cards showing the capacities of regular household items and other objects.
  • Three ‘Match the Capacities’ Activities – Can your students match the pictures to their capacities?
  • Two ‘Order the Capacity Measurements’ Pages – Can your children put these measurements in order of size? Available at two different levels of difficulty.
  • Four ‘Reading Scales’ Tasks – A selection of measuring cylinders filled at different capacities. Can your children read the scales?
  • Forty Volume and Capacity Challenge Cards – A set of challenge questions based on different aspects of volume and capacity (with answers).
  • Two Reference Posters – Handy posters that help your children to remember key information about volume and capacity. Print them back to back to make a reference mat too!
  • Three Sets of ‘Cube and Cuboid’ Paper – These printable paper templates are full of squares and triangles to help you draw cubes and cuboids easily.
  • Five Banners – A collection of display banners to decorate your learning environment!
  • Two Sets of Bunting – Hang this bunting in your classroom when you are learning about volume and capacity.

The Volume and Capacity Pack


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The Volume and Capacity Pack
Average rating:  
 4 reviews
 by Zuriette du Plessis
Volume & Capacity

Fantastic work put into Information, Worksheets and Visuals! Information is clear and concise for students. If I had to nit-pick - it would be lovely to have non-American Imperial Measurements available as well.
Thank you for your amazing work!

 by Angela
Fabulous pack

As always a fabulous pack that saved me a huge amount of time. The powerpoints are colourful and full of great information and the back up sheets are going to be great for my children.

 by Rowan
Most useful!

A very well-made pack, full of useful resources. This will be a great help in teaching a tricky topic. Good work!

 by Esther

This is another great pack, thank you very much, the resources are beautifully presented and well laid out. I struggled to find good resources in ml for this topic last year for my class with SEN. You are an excellent help to myself and other teachers. Thanks again

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