The Thanksgiving Pack

Use our thanksgiving resources to teach your children about the history of the celebration, how it is celebrated today and much more! This enormous pack includes topic guides, a video introduction, activity resources, a game, display materials and more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 11-Page Thanksgiving Guide – Learn about the history of thanksgiving and traditions that people enjoy today, with our comprehensive PDF and Powerpoint guide!
  • One 11-Page Thanksgiving Key Facts – A simpler version of the Thanksgiving Guide for younger learners.
  • One Thanksgiving Video Guide – A short video that can be used as an introduction to thanksgiving. How many new facts can your children discover?
  • Two Thanksgiving Video Review Sheets – A template that your children can use to record information they have learned while watching our Thanksgiving Video Guide.
  • One Thanksgiving Video Comprehension Challenge – A set of comprehension questions based on our video guide.
  • Three Thanksgiving KWL Sheets – Templates that children can use to record (1) what they know about thanksgiving, (2) what they want to find out and (3) what they have learned during their lessons.
  • One Thanksgiving Quiz – A quiz to test your knowledge of Thanksgiving, available as differentiated question sheets and an interactive PowerPoint presentation.
  • One ‘I am Thankful For…’ Activity – What are your children thankful for? Can they think of something beginning with each letter of the alphabet?
  • One Thanksgiving Meal Plan – A set of templates that children can use to create a menu for their Thanksgiving meal. Who will they invite? What ingredients will they need to add to their shopping list?
  • One Thanksgiving Word Scramble – Challenge your students to rearrange the letters to make words associated with thanksgiving!
  • One Thanksgiving Word Search – Can your children find twenty topic words in this word search?
  • One ‘Turkey Trouble’ Game – Answer the questions about Thanksgiving as you help Toby the Turkey race to the White House to be pardoned by the president!
  • One Turkey Split Pin Craft – Decorate the cute turkey character and then attach the pieces together using split pins!
  • One Thanksgiving I Spy Activity – A fun counting challenge for younger children to explore!
  • Twenty Thanksgiving Colouring Pages – A collection of themed colouring pages, at a variety of difficulty / complexity levels.
  • One 20 Page Thanksgiving Image Pack – A collection of photos that show different aspects of Thanksgiving.
  • Eight Pages of Thanksgiving Vocabulary Labels – A set of words linked to this topic, with definitions and related images.
  • One Set of Thanksgiving Page Borders – A set of paper templates with a thanksgiving theme that can be used for a wide range of drawing and writing activities. Available in landscape and portrait formats.
  • One Set of Thanksgiving Bunting – A colourful set of bunting to hang in your learning environment during Thanksgiving!
  • Five Banners – A collection of printable banners to add to your display boards during Thanksgiving.

These resources are available in British English and American English.

The Thanksgiving Pack


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The Thanksgiving Pack
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
 by Sarah
Perfect for our Thanksgiving Party Day !!

Once again, a fantastic packet that we used for our last day of school before Thanksgiving party day. So many fun activities that span all the ages of my school age kids right now (Pre-K, 2nd & 4th grades). Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE this site and I think this is the most amazing value for my money!

 by Sarah
Thanksgiving pack - video resource

Another amazing creation from all of you at 'Teaching Packs! Lots of well thought out resources. I think the video is a perfect length and a great balance of written information and visuals - very inspiring for children of all ages & will certainly grab their attention. An excellent addition to this pack especially with the comprehension!

 by Rowan
Just what we need!

What a terrific Pack! For anyone celebrating or teaching Thnaksgiving at school, this is just what we need. The Guide, as usual, is thoroughly informative. There are some lovely arts and crafts activities, including the Turkey Split Pin Puppet; the game is well-made and fun; and I am especially impressed with the video - it's really well made, and has a lovely comprehension to go with it.

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