The Arctic and Antarctic Pack

Learn about the polar regions of the world with this enormous Arctic and Antarctic Pack. It includes topic guides, an interactive quiz, activity sheets, puzzles and display materials that you can use with your children.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 21-Page Arctic and Antarctic Guide – A huge overview of the topic that teaches children about the geography and history of polar regions, as well as information about animals, plants, people, exploration, and much more!
  • One Video Guide – A handy video that can be used to introduce children to this topic. A transcript of the video’s text is also available.
  • One Arctic and Antarctic Video Comprehension – A set of comprehension questions based on the video available in this pack.
  • Two Video Review Sheets – What did your children learn by watching our video guide? What would they like to find out next?
  • Three KWL Sheets – What do your children already know about the Arctic and Antarctic? What would they like to find out?
  • One Arctic and Antarctic Quiz – A helpful assessment tool, available in PDF and Powerpoint formats, that can be used at the start or end of your topic.
  • Twelve Pages of Vocabulary Labels – A set of labels that can be used on a classroom display board, or as a discussion resource during your lessons.
  • One Arctic and Antarctic Glossary – A comprehensive list of terms and definitions based on this topic.
  • Ten Picture Word Banks – Think of related vocabulary (nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs) and then combine these to make phrases, sentences and paragraphs that describe the images.
  • Eight Writing Prompts – A set of eye-catching images that can be used as the starting point for different types of writing.
  • Eight Arctic and Antarctic Adaptations Tasks – Learn how different plants and animals are adapted to live in the polar regions. Matching sets of questions are also included.
  • One ‘Animal Sorting’ Activity – Can your children sort the animals according to their habitats?
  • Six ‘Draw your own Polar Animals’ Pages – Use the grid to try and draw a variety of different animals.
  • One 28-Page Arctic and Antarctic Image Pack – An enormous collection of photos showing animals and plants that live in the Arctic and Antarctic. Great for displays and for sparking discussions in your lessons!
  • Six Pages of Arctic and Antarctic Animals Fact Cards – A handy set of cards that give key facts about different animals.
  • One Arctic Animals Word Mat – A reference mat that shows pictures of animals living in the Arctic.
  • One Antarctic Animals Word Mat – Learn about animals living in the Antarctic.
  • One Polar Snap Game – Play a game of ‘Snap’ by matching the pictures of polar animals.
  • Three Spot the Differences – Can your children identify the differences between the illustrations?
  • Three ‘Arctic Explorer Equipment’ Sheets – What equipment would an Arctic explorer need for their explorations? Write or draw your ideas on this template.
  • One ‘Arctic Explorers Backpack’ Activity – If you’re exploring the Arctic, draw pictures of what you would take with you in this backpack.
  • One ‘Draw an Arctic Explorer’ Task – What does an Arctic explorer look like? Draw your ideas on this handy template.
  • Three Explorers Cloze Procedures – A selection of writing tasks based on three different polar explorers. What words are missing from the text?
  • Two Sets of Explorers Timelines – Learn about the lives of Robert Falcon Scott and Sir Ernest Shackleton and then answer questions based on the timelines.
  • One Arctic Word Search – Can your children find the Arctic animals in this word search?
  • One Antarctic Word Search – A word search that is filled with the names of Antarctic animals.
  • Twelve Arctic Colouring Pages – A set of colouring pages that show animals from the Arctic.
  • Eight Antarctic Colouring Pages – Challenge your children to colour these pictures of different Antarctic animals.
  • One Set of Arctic and Antarctic Page Borders – A variety of drawing and writing templates with a snowy border!
  • Two Sets of Bunting – Hang this bunting when your children are learning about the polar regions.
  • Four Banners – A selection of display banners to use when your children are learning about this topic.

The Arctic and Antarctic Pack


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The Arctic and Antarctic Pack
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 by Rowan

Really interesting and useful. Such great pictures! Happy to see another of the quizzes.

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