The Fractions Pack

The Fractions Pack includes a huge collection of activity resources, audio quizzes, teaching guides and display materials to make fractions a bit less scary for your class!

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In this Teaching Pack...

  • A Seventeen page guide to Fractions - Let Fractionstein teach your children about fractions with our PDF guide. Use it as a whole class teaching tool by sharing it on a large display, let children use it as an eBook on individual devices or print the pages and use them on your classroom walls! This is also available in a smaller card format for individual reference during lessons.
  • Twelve Audio Quizzes - A set of audio recordings (in MP3 format) that feature a variety of fractions questions. Ask your children to listen carefully to each question and then write their answer on the included sheets.
  • Three Sets of Fractions Vocabulary Cards - Twenty-four cards that explain key vocabulary linked to fractions. Blank versions are also available, so that children can make their own and discuss possible definitions.
  • Seventy-Eight Fractions Posters - A huge collection of posters showing every fraction from one whole (1/1) to twelve twelfths (12/12) using words, numbers and shapes. A great reference tool for your classroom, these posters could also be used as an activity resource! These are also available in a smaller card format.
  • Seventy-Eight Fractions, Decimals and Percentages Posters - Posters showing the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages for all fractions between one whole and twelve twelfths. They could also be cut up and used as a matching activity. Also available as smaller cards.
  • Sixty Activity Sheets - A huge set of activity sheets to reinforce children's understanding of different fractions skills.
  • Six Fraction Walls - A variety of fraction walls, in large and small sizes, showing different fractions and helping children to understand and compare their sizes.
  • Four Fraction Wall Families - Fraction wall posters that are grouped into 'families' (e.g. 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 and 1/3, 1/6, 1/9).
  • Two Fractions Bookmarks - Printable bookmarks showing the comparative sizes of a range of fractions. Also includes a version that compares fractions, decimals and percentages.
  • One Set of Fractions Dominoes - Play dominoes by matching the fractions, decimals and percentages!
  • One Set of Fractions Follow Me Cards - Challenge your class to work together to solve the fractions, decimals and percentages questions on these follow me cards.
  • Two Sets of Fractions Snap Cards - Play snap and match the equivalent fractions. A version with fractions, decimals and percentages is also included.
  • Two 'Fractions on a Number Line' Resources - Challenge your pupils to position different fractions in the correct place on a number line. Includes all fractions from 1/2 to 12/12.
  • Three Display Banners - A selection of banners to decorate your classroom displays.

Watch the video below to view samples of resources from the Fractions Pack.

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The Fractions Pack
Average rating:  
 50 reviews
by Julie Fetting on The Fractions Pack

Seriously the best decision I made signing up to Teaching Packs. Not only do I LOVE the product but it has saved me hours of time. Keep them coming, forever a fan.

by Stacie Ekker on The Fractions Pack
Awesome set of fraction resources

At our school we are trying hard to "beef up" our math instruction. These packs are wonderful to use as additional resources. I love that I can also use them for my differentiation! Thank you for creating this!

by Lillian on The Fractions Pack

This pack is fantastic! You have everything you need to successfully teach fractions to your class. My students loved the power-point and they learnt so much from it! Thank you creating such a useful pack!

by Diane on The Fractions Pack

I am so glad that Teaching Packs has been helping teachers in this manner. The Fractions pack has all the materials you need!

by Theresa Eichman on The Fractions Pack
Fractions Pack

This fraction pack is just what my students needed. After teaching the many different concepts in fractions, this pack was used to reinforce prior teaching. Using Dr. Fractionstein was a great way to capture the kids attention because he is fun! The worksheets are neatly printed and very easy to use and glance at answers to see if kids need a reteach of a certain concept. I am also using the worksheets as an assessment tool.
The pack also is very thorough in the fact that it features posters, flashcards, worksheets, etc. So many tools for teachers who have little time:-)

by Carrie Girvan on The Fractions Pack
Fantastic Fractions

I liked this pack and found a lot of aspects very useful. There was a good amount of visual clues and reminders. The worksheets were quite helpful but some had an awful lot of similar questions - perhaps increase challenge as pupil works through the worksheet. Maybe differentiate the activities in a clearer way - levels or years. I do wish there were more explicit teaching formats within, for example PowerPoints to aide in the teaching of these complex processes.

by Rowan Kohll on The Fractions Pack
An excellent set of resources!

Some weeks ago, when I found myself teaching fractions to my maths class (lower ability group, Year 4) and was delighted to see the Fractions Teaching Pack. It was a real godsend! I started off many of the lessons by using the Fractions Guide (narrated by Dr. Fractionstein) to introduce the fractions skill I had chosen for each lesson. After that, I invariably found that the pack had a set of worksheets for practising the skill and, at differentiated levels (very useful, I have quite a wide range of abilities in my class). Then, at the end of the lesson, I could just put the answers on the board for the children to self-assess! These sheets also worked really well for setting differentiated homework.

Other resources were very useful as well - I really liked the way the fractions cards and other sheets tied in percentages and decimals, and how the showed fractions both visually and numerically. The follow-me cards and vocabulary cards were very useful as well, and made for great lesson starters.

by Mr Henry on The Fractions Pack
Fearsome Fractions

As a newbie teacher, sometimes thinking back to school days would give me the Fear! I would think back at times when I was being taught and literally hated that moment in time. Was it the teacher or was it my fear of not knowing a subject or getting a question wrong when I was being asked.

Thinking back to those days, I recall working from old red maths books. Page after page after page. Its so refreshing to have been able to use this pack both in my Placement at university and in the class. There was a lot of printing in my first few weeks as I printed a pack for each of my students. Fractions can be scary, maybe its why they used the character frankenstein for this pack? However, my kids loved the colourful guides and the worksheets in this pack. It has all you need one place as well as plenty of colourful wall displays should you have the space and budget to print them all. If not now then at some point you may. Children love wall displays, I try to get mine to create their own. Their work ultimately is better on the walls but these packs offer an amazing starting point for you (especially if your time is short) to getting kids engaged with fractions on a fun colourful way.

by Heather Galloway on The Fractions Pack
Fractions Pack

I really enjoyed using the fractions pack. I used the worksheet in my Maths corner where students take laminated sheets to work on when they have finished their tasks or for that extra practice. They also look very good on my display board. Thank you for hese resources. They really save me time.

by Kate Longbourne on The Fractions Pack
The Fractions Pack

I found this pack to be really useful for my year 3 class. It is very visual and allowed them to see the patterns in the fractions clearly. The bookmarks were particularly popular! They were very helpful when the children were ordering fractions.
They found the little monster character engaging and the whole pack was very accessible.

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