The Fractions Pack

The Fractions Pack includes a huge collection of activity resources, audio quizzes, teaching guides and display materials to make fractions a bit less scary for your class!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • A Seventeen page guide to Fractions – Let Fractionstein teach your children about fractions with our PDF guide. Use it as a whole class teaching tool by sharing it on a large display, let children use it as an eBook on individual devices or print the pages and use them on your classroom walls! This is also available in a smaller card format for individual reference during lessons.
  • Twelve Audio Quizzes – A set of audio recordings (in MP3 format) that feature a variety of fractions questions. Ask your children to listen carefully to each question and then write their answer on the included sheets.
  • Three Sets of Fractions Vocabulary Cards – Twenty-four cards that explain key vocabulary linked to fractions. Blank versions are also available, so that children can make their own and discuss possible definitions.
  • Seventy-Eight Fractions Posters – A huge collection of posters showing every fraction from one whole (1/1) to twelve twelfths (12/12) using words, numbers and shapes. A great reference tool for your classroom, these posters could also be used as an activity resource! These are also available in a smaller card format.
  • Seventy-Eight Fractions, Decimals and Percentages Posters – Posters showing the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages for all fractions between one whole and twelve twelfths. They could also be cut up and used as a matching activity. Also available as smaller cards.
  • Sixty Activity Sheets – A huge set of activity sheets to reinforce children’s understanding of different fractions skills.
  • One Fraction Match-Up Activity – Can your children match the pictures to the fractions?
  • Seven Fractions Dice – A set of printable fractions dice that can be used to generate a variety of calculations for your children to solve. A blank die is also included so you can add your own numbers and fractions.
  • One Fractions ‘Race to Space’ Game – Which player will be the first to reach the UFO first, by answering these fractions questions?
  • Two ‘Multiplying Fractions’ Sheets – A set of questions that ask your children to multiply fractions (by whole numbers and by other fractions).
  • Two Equivalent Fractions Mazes – Find your way through the mazy by following the path with the equivalent fractions!
  • Six Fraction Walls – A variety of fraction walls, in large and small sizes, showing different fractions and helping children to understand and compare their sizes.
  • Four Fraction Wall Families – Fraction wall posters that are grouped into ‘families’ (e.g. 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 and 1/3, 1/6, 1/9).
  • Two Fractions Bookmarks – Printable bookmarks showing the comparative sizes of a range of fractions. Also includes a version that compares fractions, decimals and percentages.
  • One Set of Fractions Dominoes – Play dominoes by matching the fractions, decimals and percentages!
  • One Set of Fractions Follow Me Cards – Challenge your class to work together to solve the fractions, decimals and percentages questions on these follow me cards.
  • Two Sets of Fractions Snap Cards – Play snap and match the equivalent fractions. A version with fractions, decimals and percentages is also included.
  • Two ‘Fractions on a Number Line’ Resources – Challenge your pupils to position different fractions in the correct place on a number line. Includes all fractions from 1/2 to 12/12.
  • Three Display Banners – A selection of banners to decorate your classroom displays.

The Fractions Pack


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The Fractions Pack
Average rating:  
 68 reviews
 by Frances

I teach maths interventions from Year 1 to Year 6. Your Fractions pack is incredible. Everything I could ever need in one place. Wall displays, activities/games, worksheets - what more could I ask for? An absolute timesaver. Thank you so much.

 by Beth Pauls
love the fraction packs!

I teach accelerated math to 4th year students. We use the 5th year curriculum, which means they do not get the 4th year unit introducing fractions. The fraction pack covers everything they need in an organized, engaging way. Love it!

 by Alison
Clear Visuals

This is a great resource to help pupils visualise the whole/part whole concept of fractions.
The quizzes and activities make it really easy to use the resource as part of a carousel set up or for pupils to use independently to reinforce their understanding.
What you get from your subscription from teaching packs is more than comparable with other sites in terms of range of topics and quality of resource.

 by Angela Northey
Something for Everyone

A comprehensive pack that covers all ages and abilities. It allows for progression as well as recap for those who need a little more practice.

 by Rowan
Nice additions!

I've been using Fractionstein to teach my kids ever since this came out, so delighted to see the additions. Equivalent Fractions Maze! Very clever.

 by Meredyth Howie

My 11 year old students thoroughly enjoyed working with this pack. The activities and problems were of a level to challenge most of my students and were presented in a format which engaged them. I found the pack also encouraged cooperative learning among the student with little guidance from myself. Although I'm now working only 2 days a week, I feel your site is still worth belonging to and I always look forward to your new packs coming out. Congratulations on producing a useful and valuable resource for teachers.

 by Michelle Wilkinson
Use it every year!

This is my most used pack from Teaching Packs. It's my first go to resource when I am setting up my fractions unit of work each year. It covers everything that I want to cover for my Year 5/6 students here in New Zealand and has lots of examples for them to work through, with excellent scaffolding. The teaching slides, charts, posters are clear and visually attractive. I then head into the Decimals Pack and Percentages Pack for those who need it. Wouldn't be without my Teaching Packs subscription each year!

 by Margareth Bittencourt

Nobody can imagine how much I love working with this pack. I usually work with fourth and fifth degrees and the math teacher. This pack really shows that fractions are not monsters. The pack shows that we are always in contact with fractions and we can't realise, but if someone says it is a fraction, it is enough to scare.

 by Beth Pauls
Love this pack!

I teach Maths to accelerated Year 5 and 6 students. Covid closed schools just as my now-Year 6 students were about to be introduced to fractions during their Year 4. With remote learning, a few never got a solid foundation in fractions, which then compounded as they needed to learn to convert among fractions, decimals, and percents. The pack helped my students close their knowledge and skill gaps. The materials are clear and they loved the snap game cards. Thanks, Teaching Packs!

 by Glynis Martin

I teach high school English and am the mother of a nine-year-old girl. Today my daughter has had Fractions for homework. In my teaching world, fractions are the domain of a group of teachers who speak a language I do not understand. However, with the Fractions pack, I have had a refresher for myself and helped my daughter gain a better understanding of her work. All too well do I remember struggling through fractions when I was at school - I wish I had had this kind of resource at my disposal at that time!

I genuinely enjoyed today's work with my daughter and smiled inwardly as I remembered that day in Saudi Arabia when I first clicked on the link that brought me to the Teaching Packs site.

I can only be grateful to you, Mark and Helen, for the superb resources you produce. As a mother I thank you, and as a teacher I thank you.

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