The Goal Setting Pack

Help your children to reflect on, review, plan and achieve their targets and dreams with this handy pack of goal setting resources! The activity and display materials are perfect for use at the start of a new term and on an ongoing basis throughout the school year.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • Four ‘My New Year’s Resolutions’ Booklets – Ask your students to write (or draw) their new year’s resolutions in this handy booklet. Could you store the booklets somewhere safe and then review them at a later date?
  • Four ‘Last Year and This Year’ Resources – A set of sheets that your students can use to review the previous year and to plan for the year ahead. Available with and without lines to that you can use this as a writing or a drawing activity.
  • Two ‘Hopes and Dreams’ Printables – Handy templates on which children can draw (or write about) their hopes and dreams for the future.
  • Six ‘Strengths and Struggles’ Resources – Help your children to identify their strengths (to make them even stronger) and their struggles (to turn them into strengths) with these printable resources. Available as a drawing / writing exercise with male and female characters.
  • Four ‘My Goal’ Templates – A set of differentiated writing frames that children can use to plan how they will achieve a chosen goal. What steps will they need to take? How will it help them? What will they need? Who could help them?
  • Six SMART Targets Posters – Sets of posters that teach children about SMART targets. Available as a single poster with the acronym explained on a single page and as a set of five individual posters.
  • Two ‘Improve the Resolutions’ Resources – Challenge your children to improve these new year’s resolutions by following the SMART tips in our posters. Available as an activity sheet and a matching activity.
  • Nine Display Banners – Printable banners to decorate the target setting and ‘goals’ display boards in your classroom.

The Goal Setting Pack


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The Goal Setting Mini Pack
Average rating:  
 8 reviews
 by David
Great Resource

This is a great little resource. It will be very useful at the start of the year when I'm getting to know my class. Thanks a lot.

 by Michele Kashef
Goal Setting Mini Pack

What a great way to start the new calendar year! The students learned how to set SMART Goals in a way they could understand.

 by Gilly
Great for start of year

This a great way to get you know your students and for them to start thinking about their own goals and targets. Thanks!

 by Angela
Goal Setting New Year activities

A useful selection of activities to support some one-to-one work, to help children consider their learning and be in control of setting their own goals for the up-coming term.

 by Tricia Harding-Smith
Termly review

Whilst this is an ideal way to start the new year it would also be a grand start to each term. We often ask the children to review and set new targets, this pack will help me to be a bit more organised. Everything needed is together in one place. My plan is to get the children to look at their books from last term to help them to review their targets and set new ones. Fingers crossed!

 by Isobel
Goal setting mini pack

I think that this pack will save me lots of time as I wanted to update my own resource to meet this important job. Having looked at it so far it ticks all the boxes and is very child friendly too. Perfect for the job of setting our targets for the next term. Thanks for making this for us.

 by Miss B
Perfect for new class

I am starting a new teaching job this January & this pack will be an extremely useful AFL tool for myself in the first couple of days.

 by Ruth
awesome resource

What a wonderful resource for assisting students with goal setting, I especially like the SMART process guide. All the hard work and preparation is done. So easy to help students set goals for the coming school year!!!

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