The Remembrance Pack

Learn about remembrance with our huge educational resource pack. It includes a topic guide, comprehension tasks, art activities, craft ideas, display resources and more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One Remembrance Guide – A PDF and Powerpoint guide that you can use to help your children learn about remembrance. It includes information about the history of the event, the Unknown Warrior, poppies and remembrance services around the world.
  • One ‘Key Facts’ Resource – A simpler presentation that outlines the key facts about Remembrance. Available in PDF and Powerpoint formats.
  • Twenty War Memorials Posters – A set of posters that teach your children about different war memorials around the world. These are also available as a smaller set of cards that can be used for reference and research.
  • Four ‘White Poppy Comprehension’ Tasks – A comprehension text that outlines the history of the white poppy. The text is available at three different levels and four sets of questions are included (with answers).
  • One ‘Animals in War’ Cloze Activity – This cloze activity describes how animals have been used in warfare throughout history and explores how we remember them today. Can your children place the missing words into the correct places?
  • Two Word Searches – Can your children find the remembrance-themed words in these word searches? Available at two levels of difficulty.
  • One Soldier Outline – An outline image of a World War 1 soldier that you can use for a range of activities (e.g. shape poetry, colouring, collage, discussion about silhouettes).
  • Four Pages of Poppy Outlines – Outline images of a poppy (at a variety of sizes) that you can use for different Art / remembrance activities.
  • Four Poppy Posters – Posters that can be used to decorate a classroom display board.
  • Three Poppy Colouring Pages – Colouring pages that show poppies that can be used as part of your Remembrance activities.
  • Three Sets of Bookmarks – A collection of printable bookmarks to colour and decorate.
  • Four Banners – A set of printable banners to use on the display boards in your classroom.
  • Two Sets of Bunting – Colourful bunting to hang in your classroom at times of remembrance.

The Remembrance Pack


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The Remembrance Pack
Average rating:  
 5 reviews
 by Andrea
Lovely Resource

As we homeschool, this is a lovely pack with a variety of activities to use in many areas of our learning, thank you.

 by Victoria Eadie
Excellent Remembrance Resource

Thank you so much for creating such an excellent resource, I am a tutor and teach children from the age of 6 to 16 and will use different parts of it through the week.
The Remembrance Guide and Key Facts are extremely useful in enabling children to understand this area and to allow them to read independently.
The White Poppies comprehension is superb for supporting all age groups and introducing children to an aspect of Remembrance that they may not be familiar with. I teach many animal lovers and will use the Animals in War Cloze Activity with them.
Thank you for creating yet another fabulous set of resources.

 by Sheila Hainsworth
Fantastic Mini Pack

What a fantastic pack. It has everything I needed to teach my 14 year old and 9 year old about Remembrance Day.
Fantastic, simple pdf which could lead to more research if needed for older children.
We loved the crafts and made a display for our window, teaching room and personalised and laminated one of the poppies outlines to place on our local cenotaph.
Fab. x

 by Terilyn Huston
Remembrance Mini Pack

This mini pack came in the nick of time for the Remembrance Day ceremony at our school on November 8th. The photos and information will help the grade six students to try understand why Remembrance Day is so important all over the world.

 by Rowan

What a great set of resources! We make a big thing out of Remembrance Day every year at our school, and I always enjoy teaching the children about it. It's such an important topic, because it ties in to a great deal of history and politics. This new pack will be extremely useful - I love the comprehension activity, and the Guide uses such excellent illustrations and sets things out so clearly and interestingly! Well done, Mark and Helen!

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