The Alphabet Pack

Expand your children’s knowledge of the alphabet with this bumper pack of teaching, activity and display resources. It includes a helpful guide, activity mats, differentiated printables and much, much more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 13-Page Alphabet Guide – Learn about the alphabet and how to put words into alphabetical order with this helpful guide.
  • Twenty-Six Activity Mats – A set of activity mats based on every letter of the alphabet.
  • One Reference Mat – A helpful letter mat to use on a display board or for children to refer to during their work.
  • Fifty-Two Alphabet Posters – Posters showing every letter of the alphabet (with precursive and cursive fonts).
  • Four Alphabet Tracing Templates – Challenge your children to trace over the letters of the alphabet.
  • One ‘Broken Alphabet’ Challenge – Can you cut out the pieces of this alphabet and stick them in the correct order?
  • One ‘Alphabet Search’ Task – Find the pairs of letters in this jumbled grid!
  • One Alphabet Maze – Find your way through the maze by following the letters of the alphabet.
  • Three ‘Missing Alphabet Letters’ Sheets – Can you identify the missing letters in these alphabet grids?
  • Two ‘Alphabetical Order’ Activities – Challenge your students to put these words into alphabetical order.
  • Four ‘Alphabet Adjectives’ Pages – Think of adjectives beginning with every letter of the alphabet!
  • Three ‘I Went to the Shop…’ Sheets – What would you buy (beginning with every letter of the alphabet) if you could go to this shop?
  • Two ‘Dictionary Search’ Tasks – Search through the alphabet to find these words and write their definitions.
  • Five Pages of Alphabet Letter Cards – Sets of letter cards to use for ordering and spelling activities.
  • One Alphabet Matching Activity – Challenge your children to match the upper and lower case letters.
  • Five ‘Missing Letters’ Pages – Which letters are missing from these jumbled alphabets?
  • Twenty ‘Alphabet Races’ Games – Race a friend to put these words into alphabetical order.
  • Twenty-One Pages of Alphabet Display Lines – A handy visual reminder showing children how to form the letters of the alphabet. Available in five different fonts.
  • Three Sets of Bunting – Alphabet-themed bunting to hang in your room.
  • Three Banners – Display banners to use when your children are learning about the alphabet.


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The Alphabet Pack
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Rowan
Comprehensive and fun

This looks terrific for Early Years and KS1 teachers. If I were teaching the alphabet, I'd find it most useful. a very nice selection of activities, with very good artwork.

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