The Comprehension Challenges Pack

Improve your children’s comprehension skills with our comprehensive challenge pack! It includes a huge collection of differentiated comprehension tasks, covering a wide range of subject and topic areas!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • Twenty Mini Comprehensions – A set of comprehension challenges for younger / lower ability readers. Each challenge includes a picture, a short piece of text and three related questions. These are available with blank answer spaces and multiple choice options.
  • Twenty ‘Identify, Describe and Infer’ Challenges – A set of comprehension resources that ask your children to examine images carefully. Each image is accompanied by questions that ask students to identify aspects of it, describe different parts and infer information about it.
  • Ten ‘Reach for the Stars’ Challenges – How many stars will your children earn by answering these comprehension questions?
  • Thirteen Country Comprehensions – A collection of fact files about different countries with matching comprehension questions, many of which are available at different levels of difficulty.
  • Five Reverse Comprehensions – The answers to these comprehension challenges are already completed! Can your children use this information and work backwards to create the texts that they are based upon?
  • Four Video Comprehensions – Collections of comprehension questions based on short videos. Watch the mini movies with your children (or let them watch independently on mobile devices / laptops) and review their understanding by answering the accompanying questions.
  • Four Poetry Comprehensions – Sets of comprehension questions based on poems.
  • Twenty-Four Myth and Legend Comprehensions – Examples of myths and legends with accompanying comprehension questions.
  • Nineteen Additional Comprehension Challenges – A varied collection of texts and accompanying comprehension questions, many of which are available at a number of difficulty levels.
  • One Overview Sheet – An Excel spreadsheet that lists all of the comprehension resources available in this pack. Use it to keep a record of the ones that you have used in your classroom, or for recording your children’s scores. This is only available for members of Teaching Packs Plus.

Watch the video below to view samples of resources from the Comprehension Challenges Pack.

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The Comprehension Challenges Pack
Average rating:  
 12 reviews
by Morgan on The Comprehension Challenges Pack

The kids love these activities so much! They're great for fast finishers and for those days when you aren't having a good teaching day!

by Zem on The Comprehension Challenges Pack
Reach For The Stars

Fantastic series with differentiated comprehension questions based on the same text. The stories are short, varied, and interesting enough to use as extension work for early finishers, or as stand-alone comprehension work. The kids loved getting 'stars' for their correct answers, rather than a number as well.

by The purple penguin tutor on The Comprehension Challenges Pack
Comprehension Pack

Absolutely love this pack. The video and poetry comprehension activities super helpful and a lovely way to teach a little differently. Many thanks.

by Lucy on The Comprehension Challenges Pack

I love the whole comprehension pack, as it offers such a range of activities. My absolute favourites are the ‘Identify, describe and infer’ challenges as they encourage the children to think and have generated some really interesting discussions. We have been learning about Greek Myths and I have created some of my own based on these ideas. Thank you very much, life savers for busy teachers!

by Emma Lace on The Comprehension Challenges Pack

This pack has been absolutely brilliant to use but with addition of the video challenges its even better. The children have loved having a different way of doing the comprehension and even my younger children have enjoyed watching them too!

by Paula Redman on The Comprehension Challenges Pack
Fab for pupils with specific interests

Thank you for this - I have a ASN pupil that is very able but only completes work if they are interested in the subject. They love science and animals and I think they will like the myths and legends too. Now I can let them choose their own comprehension each week and they can really demonstrate what they are capable of 🙂

by Lyn mcDonnell on The Comprehension Challenges Pack
new comprehension pack

Wow! So much! I teach 5/6 year olds and the simple comprehensions are ideal introductions. I also love the picture comprehensions which include "infer" as this is tricky to find for younger children.

by Veronica on The Comprehension Challenges Pack
Wow resources

With ESL pupils who have a wide range of abilities, these comprehensions have given me plenty of material to use with both the less able all the way to the hungry for more pupils. Thanks for the wide variety of topics to choose from.

by Jen on The Comprehension Challenges Pack

I’m looking forward to using this comprehension pack. I love that there is so much in-depth information in one place.
Can you please update the ANZAC day date with the correct date of 25th April and not the 15th April as currently shown.
Thank you again!

Hi Jen. Thanks for your lovely review and for letting us know about this mistake. I have just updated the answer sheet with the correct date. Mark

by Joyce Samuel on The Comprehension Challenges Pack
Fabulous Comprehension Challenges!

I am on holiday and have not begun to use these, but I have taken a quick look, and I am overwhelmed at the quality of the worksheets as well as the depth of work that must have gone into the comprehension challenges - complete with answers! They are already differentiated too! Thank you SO VERY MUCH for saving me a TON of work!

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