The Electricity Mini Pack

Teach your children about electricity with this fantastic pack of resources. Includes a comprehensive topic guide, vocabulary labels, circuit symbols and diagrams, display posters, activity resources and more!

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In this Teaching Pack...

  • One 10 Page Electricity Guide - A PDF / Powerpoint guide that can be used to introduce your children to different aspects of electricity. Learn about mains electricity, batteries, electrical safety, conductors, insulators, circuits, static electricity and more!
  • One Electricity Glossary - An editable list of electricity words with matching definitions. Use this as a reference resource with your children or delete the definitions and ask them to write their own!
  • Thirty-Two Electricity Vocabulary Labels - A set of labels that include definitions and images of different electricity vocabulary.
  • Two 'Electric or Not?' Resources - Can your children identify if these twenty different items use electricity or not? Available as a set of cards to sort / discuss and as an independent activity sheet.
  • Two Sets of 'Circuit Symbols' Resources - Posters and cards that show a selection of common symbols that are used in circuit diagrams.
  • Twelve 'Circuit Testing' Diagrams - A set of diagrams that show different circuits. Can your children predict if the bulb will light in each circuit? You could also ask them to create the circuits using practical equipment to test them.
  • Three 'Spot the Dangers' Resources - Can your children identify the electrical safety hazards in these twelve images? Available as a set of large posters (for classroom display boards), cards (for independent / group discussions) and an activity sheet.
  • Six Electrical Safety Poster Templates - A set of templates that your children can use to create their own electrical safety posters. Available in six different styles (blank, boxes, lined and more)!
  • Three 'Conductor or Insulator?' Resources - Test your children's knowledge of electrical conductors and insulators with this activity sheet. The images are also available as a set of posters and smaller cards.
  • One Set of Electricity Bunting - Electricity themed bunting to hang in your learning environment!
  • Two Electricity Banners - Decorate your display boards with these 'Electricity' and 'Circuits' banners!

Watch the video below to view samples of resources from the Electricity Mini Pack.

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Completely Electrifying

Another comprehensive Mini Pack. Everything I need to cover electricity in a Primary setting. Designing and discussing circuits on paper and learning about safety before testing them out with actual components.Thank you Teaching Packs.

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