The Personal Safety Pack

Help your children learn how to stay safe in different situations with this comprehensive pack of resources. It includes topic guides, quizzes, comprehension tasks, activity sheets, drawing challenges, display materials and much more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 15-Page Personal Safety Guide – A helpful overview of personal safety, covering risks and hazards, fire safety, road safety, water safety and more. An additional version for younger children is also included.
  • One Video Guide – Learn about personal safety by watching this introductory video!
  • One Video Comprehension Task – Test your children’s knowledge of the personal safety video with these questions.
  • Two Video Review Sheets – Ask your children to use this template to make notes while they are watching the Personal Safety Video Guide!
  • Three Personal Safety KWL Sheets – What do your children already know about this topic? What would they like to learn?
  • Two Personal Safety Quizzes – Quiz questions linked to this topic, available as an interactive PowerPoint presentation and differentiated quiz sheets.
  • One Personal Safety Glossary – A summary of words linked to this topic, with their definitions.
  • Four Pages of Personal Safety Vocabulary Labels – A set of display labels that show topic words, their definitions and related images.
  • One Vocabulary Activity – Can your children write definitions for these safety words?
  • Two ‘Safe or Unsafe?’ Tasks – Which of the actions in these photos are safe? Which are unsafe? Can your children explain why?
  • Six Electrical Safety Poster Templates – A set of templates that children can use to teach others how to use electrical devices safely.
  • Three Fire Safety Templates – A poster (with a matching blank template) to help your children learn about fire safety.
  • One 40-Page Hazards Image Pack – What are the hazards in these images? Use these pictures as a display resource or for discussions with your children.
  • Four Green Cross Code Resources – Learn how to cross the road safety with these posters and matching activities.
  • Two Pages of Safety Story Starters – Write a story with a safety theme using these story prompts!
  • Four ‘Ways I Can Keep Myself Safe’ Templates – Make a small booklet with your own personal safety rules.
  • Forty ‘What Happens Next?’ Tasks – Ask your children to look closely at the images and think of possible consequences for the actions taking place.
  • Thirty-Six Newspaper Templates – Challenge your students to write a newspaper article about personal safety based on the provided headlines.
  • One Story Generator – Roll a die and use the outcome to create a story with a personal safety theme.
  • Twelve Picture Word Banks – Look closely at the images and think of related nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs. Can your children then use these words to make a sentence or paragraph?
  • Four Personal Safety Comic Strips – Ask your children to make a comic strip that continues the given story prompts.
  • Six Personal Safety Drawing Challenges – Can your students follow the instructions to create an image based on different scenarios?
  • Ten Emergency Number Colouring Sheets – Colour your country’s emergency phone number!
  • Ten Safety and Emergency Colouring Pages – A set of colouring pages that show different safety and emergency pictures.
  • Five Colouring Posters – Decorate these posters that show important safety messages.
  • One Personal Safety Word Search – Challenge your children to find the topic words in this word search.
  • Four Personal Safety Certificates – Printable certificates that you can give to children who demonstrate good personal, road, fire and water safety knowledge.
  • One Set of Personal Safety Page Borders – A large collection of drawing and writing templates with personal, road, fire and water safety themes.
  • Four Display Banners – Add these banners to your classroom display boards when your children are learning about personal safety.

Please note that most of the resources refer to UK safety rules, but many alternative versions are available for those in other countries.

The Personal Safety Pack


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The Personal Safety Pack
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