The Verbs Pack

Boost your teaching with our verbs pack, filled with everything students need to master verbs in a fun way. It’s packed with a comprehensive teaching guide, helpful reference posters, and a variety of differentiated activities to make learning verbs easy and enjoyable.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 19-Page Verbs Guide – A huge PDF / PowerPoint guide that teaches your children all about verbs. It includes information about tenses, auxiliary verbs, modal verbs, active / passive voice, irregular verbs, link verbs, phrasal verbs, action verbs, verb moods and more!
  • Two Reference Posters – A helpful reference tool that children can use to remember different types of verbs.
  • One Verbs Reference Table – A helpful table that shows examples of different types of verbs.
  • Two Vocabulary Mats – Differentiated lists of verbs that your children can use to help them use synonyms in their writing.
  • Two ‘Find the Verbs’ Sheets – Can your children identify the verbs in each sentence?
  • Two ‘Verb Hunt’ Activities – Cut out these vocabulary cards, jumble them up and then find all of the verbs. Your children could also use this as an activity sheet and colour / circle the verbs instead.
  • Twelve ‘Verb Spotting’ Tasks – Look at these illustrations and photos and think of verbs that describe actions that are taking place.
  • One ‘Verb Synonym Matching’ Sheet – Can your children sort these word cards and match them into groups of synonyms?
  • Two ‘Alternative Verbs’ Activities – Challenge your children to think of alternative verbs for the ones suggested.
  • Four ‘Improve the Verbs’ Pages – Look at these sentences and think of different verbs that can be used in each one. How does using a different verb change the meaning of the sentence?
  • Two ‘Make a Sentence’ Challenges – Use the verbs provided to make interesting, exciting or amusing sentences!
  • Two ‘Sort the Verbs’ Activities – Test your knowledge of phrasal verbs, modal verbs, action verbs and state verbs by sorting the words provided!
  • One ‘Find the Auxiliary Verbs’ Page – Highlight the auxiliary verbs used in each sentence.
  • One ‘Add a Modal Verb’ Task – Can your students add a modal verb to each sentence?
  • One ‘Active and Passive Voice’ Activity – Ask your children to rewrite each of these sentences in active / passive voice.
  • Two Verbs Banners – Make a ‘verbs’ display board and use one of these banners at the top!

The Verbs Pack


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The Verbs Pack
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Zuriette du Plessis

Another great resource. I love the practice students can get to extend their vocabulary in alternative and modality verbs.

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