The Robert Burns Pack

Learn about the life and poetry of Robert Burns with our teaching pack! It includes differentiated topic guides, examples of Burns’ poetry, comprehension and quiz questions, vocabulary resources and more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One Robert Burns Guide – A comprehensive PDF / Powerpoint guide to help your children learn about Robert Burns, his work and how people celebrate Burns Night today.
  • One Key Facts Presentation – A simple presentation that outlines the main facts about Burns’ life and work.
  • One Set of Quiz Questions – A set of simple quiz questions based on the information shown in our Robert Burns guide.
  • Three Biographies – Learn about the life of Robert Burns by sharing this biography with your class. Available at three different levels of reading difficulty.
  • Four Sets of Comprehension Questions – Differentiated sets of comprehension questions based on the biography included in this pack.
  • Seven Examples of Robert Burns’ Poems – Examples of Burns’ poetry to share with your children.
  • One Vocabulary Poster – A poster that shows words that Burns used in his poetry, along with definitions to show what they might mean.
  • One Vocabulary Matching Activity – Can your children match the words used in Burns’ poems with their definitions?
  • One 15 Page Image Pack – A set of high quality images showing Robert Burns, along with places and objects related to him.
  • Two Acrostic Templates – Challenge your students to write an acrostic poem based on the words ‘Robert Burns’ or ‘Burns Night’ using these templates!
  • Six Burns Night Menu and Traditions Templates – A set of templates that your children can use to draw or write about Burns Night menus and traditions.
  • Two Display Banners – Two display banners to decorate your classroom when your children are learning about Robert Burns and Burns Night.

The Robert Burns Pack


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The Robert Burns Pack
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Elizabeth

Great pack but you need to proof read! Reading comprehension pack refers to Keats! This could result in utter confusion!

Thanks for spotting this mistake Elizabeth. I have just uploaded a new copy of the resource.

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