The Tallying Pack

Help your children learn how to tally with our bumper collection of teaching, activity and display resources. This pack includes a full topic guide, differentiated worksheets, reference mats, posters, banners and more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 9-Page Tallying Guide – A helpful guide (available in PDF and PowerPoint formats) that teaches children how to tally (up to 5, 10 and beyond), when to use tallies, about tallying systems in different countries, and more!
  • One Tallying Reference Mat – A helpful mat that children can refer to whenever they need to use tallying!
  • Two ‘Count the Tallies’ Sheets – Differentiated worksheets that challenge children to count sets of tally marks (up to 10 and up to 30).
  • One ‘Match the Tallies’ Task – Can your children match the tally marks on the left to the numbers shown on the right?
  • Two Sets of Tallying Match Cards – A set of printable cards showing tallies and numbers, that can be used for matching activities and games of ‘Snap’.
  • Two Tallying Playdough Mats – A set of playdough mats that children can use to create their own tallies.
  • Five Tally Challenges – Count the animals, aliens and objects and show the correct numbers with tally marks.
  • Two ‘Build a Tally Number Line’ Tasks – Cut out the tally cards and use them to make your own number line! Available at two different levels of difficulty.
  • Four ‘Tally Calculations’ Sheets – Can your children add, subtract and multiply the numbers shown using tallies? Available at four different levels of difficulty.
  • One Five Times Table Poster – A helpful poster that shows the five times table using tallies.
  • Four ‘Make a Tally Chart and Graph’ Activities – Use the information shown to create a tally chart and a bar graph.
  • One ‘Traffic Tally Charts’ Sheet – Count the tallies shown on this traffic survey and use the information to answer the questions provided.
  • Two Tallying Banners – Two colourful banners to add to a display board when your children are learning about tallying.

The Tallying Pack


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The Tallying Pack
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