The Newspaper Reports Pack

Enhance your children’s newspaper report writing skills with this fantastic collection of teaching, activity and display resources! Includes a comprehensive guide, planning templates, writing checklists, examples of newspaper reports and more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One Seventeen Page Newspaper Reports Guide – A bumper guide to newspaper reports that you can share on a large display or print for independent and group activities or display purposes. Includes information about the contents of a newspaper, headlines, features, facts and opinions, direct and reported speech, evidence and sources, captions, editing and more!
  • Two ‘Newspaper Features’ Posters – A handy reference poster (or table mat) that shows the different features of a newspaper. Available in two versions for children of different ages / abilities.
  • Eight Examples of Newspaper Reports – A number of differentiated texts that show examples of newspaper reports. Can your children identify the features and / or suggest improvements?
  • Five Planning Templates – Five templates that your children can use to plan their newspaper reports.
  • Fifty Newspaper Templates with Images – Can your children write the headline, caption and article for each one? Also includes a blank template without an image so that your children can add their own.
  • Fifty Newspaper Templates with Headlines – Challenge your children to write the article and add an image / caption for each one. Also includes a blank version on which you can write your own headline.
  • One HUGE Headlines Resource – Fifty different headlines that your children can use as a prompt for their own newspaper articles.
  • Ten Pages of ‘Create a Caption’ Resources – After teaching your children about captions, ask them to create captions for the images in this downloadable resource.
  • Three Newspaper Reports Checklists – A set of differentiated checklists that your children can use when they are writing their own newspaper reports.
  • Ten Pages of Newspaper Vocabulary Labels – A bumper collection of labels showing words, definitions and images for a selection of newspaper-themed vocabulary!
  • Six Display Banners – Eye-catching banners to add to your ‘newspaper reports’ display boards.

The Newspaper Reports Pack


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The Newspaper Reports Pack
Average rating:  
 11 reviews
 by Fiona

A super resource - lots of colour, easy to follow and eye catching resources for display and lesson materials.

 by Edel
Super resource

A really super resource that is so useful for a range of activities. I've used it as a starting point for pupils to familiarise themselves with the layout of a newspaper. Easily differentiated for my multi class set up. I will definitely be using it again and again. Thank you so much!!!

 by gabriela

Really outstanding pack. It helped my teaching and the preparation of materials. A good time-saving resource. My students loved it! Thank you!

 by Melissa
Fun Times

I have used this resource for two years. It is incredible, from the headline prompts to the fun mock articles; my learners love this topic. What a great resource for all ages to get into newspapers.

 by Liz
Great resource

I used this resource with a Y8 SEN group. The colourful, eye catching resources were a hit with the pupils and saved me a lot of work! Although not all of them were suitable for my class, I could use most of them and the examples were particularly useful.

 by Jennifer J
Fantastic Resource

I used this with my Year 3 class and they were able to really understand how to create an accurate and realistic newspaper story. It was helpful to use the templates to plan out what they were going to write. The class really enjoyed this resource!

 by Anna
Newspaper Reports

Extremely useful pack. The newspaper examples were very beneficial when teaching a unit on newspapers.

Thank you for being so thorough!

 by Kristin Jackson
Newspaper Report

I used this with my 5th-grade class to learn about journalism. Part of our unit was how to look up information, compile facts, and create a news story. The comprehensive guide, planning templates, writing checklists, and examples were extremely useful. The kids loved the unit!!!

 by Lisa
Fantastic Resource!

Appropriate texts prove very difficult to find for a topic on News Reports, so this pack was perfect! We also had a lot of fun creating captions for the pictures in the pack- I cut them up and we used it as a carousel.

A very versatile and useable pack! Thankyou!

 by Michelle

Excellent resource. The children found it much easier to annotate texts using your key vocabulary sheets. The examples were great and really influenced our reports on Beowulf. Thank you.

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