The Men's World Cup Pack

Celebrate the World Cup with your children by exploring our collection of teaching, activity and display resources together! It includes a Powerpoint overview, a video guide, comprehension questions, statistics about countries taking part and much more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 10-Page Men’s World Cup Guide – Learn about the Men’s World Cup tournament with our PDF / PowerPoint guide! It includes information about Qatar 2022, the games, awards and the history of the event.
  • One Men’s World Cup Video Guide – Teach your children about this sporting event by sharing our video overview. A text transcript is also available.
  • One Men’s World Cup Video Review – A helpful sheet that children can use to make notes while they are watching the Qatar Video Guide.
  • One Men’s World Cup Video Comprehension Task – What did your children learn by watching the video? Find out with this comprehension sheet.
  • Three Men’s World Cup KWL Sheets – What do your children already know about the Men’s World Cup? What do they want to find out? What did they learn at the end of your topic?
  • Two Qatar Fact Files – Learn about Qatar by exploring these differentiated fact files.
  • One Set of Qatar Fact File Questions – A set of questions linked to the fact file in this pack.
  • Eighteen Soccer Sentences – Football themed sentences that your children need to improve. Can they add extra information, complete the unfinished sentences and add the missing punctuation?
  • Thirty-Two World Cup Country Cards – A set of cards that give information about the countries that regularly take part in World Cup tournaments. Use them to play a ‘Top Trumps’ style game or as a reference resource when your children are learning about the countries.
  • One ‘World Cup Country Statistics’ Spreadsheet – A spreadsheet that is bursting with information and statistics about the thirty-two countries that played in the World Cup 2018.
  • Ten World Cup Writing Prompts – Ask your children to create a range of football-themed writing with our picture prompts. Includes prompts based on narrative writing, biographies, newspaper reports, poetry and more.
  • Ten World Cup Puzzling Pictures – A set of ten football-themed images with questions to challenge your children’s thinking. Great for developing children’s inference skills!
  • Four Player Profiles – Writing templates that your children can use to write a profile of a World Cup player. Available in four different styles.
  • Thirty-Two World Cup Maths Challenges – A set of challenge cards that show questions related to the World Cup. Also includes an answer sheet on which your children can record their answers.
  • One World Cup Word Search – Can your children find all 32 participating countries in this World Cup word search?
  • One World Cup Crossword – Review your children’s understanding of football-themed vocabulary with this crossword!
  • One Set of World Cup Bunting – Hang our ‘World Cup’ themed bunting in your classroom to celebrate the event!
  • Three World Cup Banners – Banners to decorate the ‘World Cup’ displays in your classroom!

The Men's World Cup Pack


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The Men's World Cup Pack
Average rating:  
 10 reviews
 by Rowan
World Cup Pack

I had some free time in class at the end of a topic, and I had some Year 3 students visiting my Year 4 class for transition activities, so I thought it would be a good one-off topic. They enjoyed learning about Russia and the World Cup with the comprehension and the Guide, they liked looking at the flags and other images, and then we finished off by doing World Cup Maths challenge cards. It's a great pack, with interest for both sports and geography. Goes well with the Olympics and Winter Olympics packs!

 by Patrice

Used this with a boy heavy class in June as final topic of the year. Everyone really enjoyed each of the activities which also doubled over as our end of year check ups for some children.

 by mary mcevoy
World Cup Pack

I used the world cup pack with my class of soccer mad pupils. They enjoyed all the activities and did not realise how much they learned. They loved the player profile and fact cards as they spend a lot of time discussing their favourite player. The world cup fact cards had them enthralled. i will use the template for Russia again when doing project work on other countries. It also lead to great integration. We then drew flags of each country, put them in groups and recorded goals scored, worked out averages etc. At this stage some of our countries are going home so we remove them from display, children can then see how next round will work. A great resource to have for the end of the year. Thanks

 by Ann Dardis
world cup mini pack

Hi guys, pat yourselves on the back!!
I found this mini pack so useful.
The children found the crossword challenging but great for vocab for those who knew little or nothing about football-We had great discussions with the knowledgable boys taking the lead.
The word search was challenging and engaging as they all wanted to make sure they found all the countries-we then got to colour the circled country names-great fun.
The information sheet on Russia made a great basis for a mixed ability team challenge - some repeated questions though.
This would make a great template for other countries as the vocabulary range was excellent and well suited to my fourth class-presented some great teaching/learning vignettes and I think it would be great to do in this format with other countries next year in geography lesson, as a change from project style approaches.

We also set up a sweepstake as an exercise, although we won't see it fully played out as we finish on June 27th.
The maths challenges were particularly interesting as I got a sneaky taster on percentages done - not required until next year but hey, make hay while the sun shines, also the notion of billions was new to them but they adapted quite well to the challenges. They were beautifully written as the children had to think and follow our RUDE system to crack them. They love a challenge and were totally absorbed for 2 hours on Wednesday and 2 more on Thursday.

One last point, the opportunity for integration was super as I got oral language, research, geography, teamwork and maths rolled into one. Thank you all very much, and keep rolling out those wonderful mini packs.
Regards, Ann

 by rowan3d
Very nice!

As today is an end-of-term day, I thought it would be nice to teach a one-off lesson on the World Cup, just starting. We read through the Guide, and then we got into groups and did a carousel of activities.
The Guide was very interesting, especially the maps and fun facts. Many of the children enjoyed the crosswords and wordsearches. The maths challenges couldn't really be explored in the time we had, but I can see how they would make a terrific maths lesson in their own right!
A very useful pack. Well done!

 by TJ

My son loves to do word searches and crosswords and he is thrilled the there is a World Cup one! This will also encourage my 7 year old to enjoy word searches :).

 by Margareth Bittencourt
World Cup

I will work on this pack next two weeks. It will really help, because, as everybody knows, Brazilian people loves football and so my students.
Thank you so much.

 by douglas1
Great resource

Thank you for this just what I needed, we are holding a sweepstake, the powerpoint is a great introduction and will use the top trumps for learning about the countries

 by rowan3d
Looks terrific!

I don't take much interest in football myself, but a lot of my students will really enjoy this pack!
As for me, I really like these maths word problems, and the Top Trumps cards look fun, and I love those inspirational photos for children to write about, and a very nice differentiated comprehension exercise on Russia (have you thought of cross-posting that to the Comprehension Pack, to go with the France one?)
Great job! Well done, Mark and Helen!

 by Mary Farmer (@ebd35)
What a Perfect Resource!

Can't wait to use these with my class of football mad boys! They will LOVE this! Thanks so much Mark

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