The Internet Safety Pack

Help your children to become confident and safe digital citizens with our Internet Safety pack! Includes a wide range of online safety teaching resources, interactive classroom activities and eye-catching display resources!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One Twenty-Page Internet Safety Guide – A huge guide that you can use to introduce your children to different aspects of cybersafety. Includes information on personal information, cyberbullying, spam, downloads, social networking, copyright and more.
  • Seventy ‘What Would You Do?’ Cards – A set of different situations related to Internet Safety issues. Use them as discussion starters with your children. How would they deal with each situation?
  • Twenty-Four Online Safety Discussion Cards – These cards show children sharing statements about their use of the Internet. Can your students sort them into safe and unsafe activities?
  • Twenty Internet Safety Challenges – A collection of activities that your children can try to review their eSafety knowledge.
  • Two ‘Powerful Passwords’ Activity Sheets – Can your children review this list of passwords and identify which ones are strong and which ones are weak?
  • Four ‘Passwords Are Like Underwear’ Posters – A poster that teaches children why their passwords should be like their underwear!
  • One ‘Personal Information’ Resource – Ask your children to create personal information for the four children in the illustration. A great way of reviewing what we mean by the term ‘personal information’.
  • One ‘Analysing Adverts’ Resource – Twelve fictional online ads for your children to discuss and analyse. Which look genuine? Which might be a scam? How are they trying to persuade you to click on them? What kind of website might they lead to?

The Internet Safety Pack

  • Six Examples of Social Media Profiles – A collection of six fictional social media profiles. Ask your children review them and identify any safety issues. What personal information can they find out about each person?
  • One ‘Friends?’ Resource – How many of these people are friends? Can your children use this resource as a sorting activity or as the starting point for discussions?
  • Five Examples of Scam Emails – A collection of fictional scam emails that your children can review and discuss. Also includes a set of blank templates so that your children can try to write their own!
  • One Website Review Template – A template that your children can use to review their favourite websites (and how they help to keep their users safe).
  • Two Digital Footprint Templates – A blank foot template that your children can use to record their own digital footprint (using words or pictures). What information can be found about them online?
  • Eleven Pages of Vocabulary Labels – A huge collection of labels showing images and definitions of a range of words linked to Internet Safety. Great for classroom display boards or for discussion activities.
  • Three Internet Safety Glossaries – Differentiated sets of glossaries that define a wide range of words linked to the topic.
  • Three Sets of Internet Safety Bookmarks – Printable bookmarks that your children can use to remind themselves of eSafety tips and tricks.
  • Three Certificates – A set of printable certificates (with colour and black+white versions) that you can use to reward your children for their Internet Safety skills
  • Display Resources – A selection of printable banners and posters to decorate the display boards in your classroom and computer suite.

Watch the video below to view samples of resources from the Internet Safety Pack.


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The Internet Safety Pack
Average rating:  
 10 reviews
 by Kathy McCoy
The Internet Safety Pack

About a month ago I began an EOY teaching position for grades K-5 as a technology associate. I am taking this pack and using it with my 3rd-5th graders. The first lesson will be on digital footprints. I love this relevant, visual lesson for the students. I have taken the vocabulary and created a "Tech Word of the Week" frame for exposure. This an effortless way to create lessons that you have already created! Thank you!

 by Morris McCormick
Global Citizens

I made great use of this packet this year as our school began to implement a school-wide internet use policy. The various posters served as a launch pad for numerous conversations, and investigations into the need for awareness when using the internet both in and out of school.

I think the only fault I can find, and this being particular to a tech teacher in upper elementary, is the lack of depth when addressing global citizenship. I would venture to say this would be a packet in and of itself, since there is so much to be addressed beyond just safety.

All in all, I think everyone should be considering the use of this pack because of how relevant it will be for all our students now and onward.

 by Mike Hobbins
Wealth of Resources

Wow, what a range of different materials to use in the teaching of Internet Safety. I am looking forward to examining them in detail, and using them in my Computing lessons. Thank you.

 by Talin
Wonderful resource

I am the ICLT coordinator of the school I work at, so leading the school by teaching with these resources has been wonderful. Very informative and relatable for the students. Thank you!

 by samantha da costa
Incredibly useful

This pack was the reason I became a member. It is excellent and I used it as a basis for a half term topic on Esafety with my Year 5 class. They will never forget the important messages about passwords based on this fun format.

 by c watson
Internet Safety Pack

This resource is second to none. It covers every angle imaginable for teaching about internet safety. I has been invaluable in building a whole school display with high quality posters and banners. I also love the 'What would you do?' prompt cards - very useful discussion prompts.

 by Arsia

I love the pants poster!!! The children in my class love it and laugh so much. Cant wait to use the grammar pack it is so useful. Love these resources they are so unique and very very child friendly couldn't ask for more. Thank you!

Internet safety

Looking forward to using this resource as it is a high priority these days. I can only commend those that develop these resources as each and every one has been much appreciated. Keep up the good work and thank you for staying current. Gayle

 by Anna Guest
Great for SLDD Learners

I am planning to use this pack for my age 16+ Special Needs (SLDD) learners for their tutorial hours.

The pack has enough information and activities to cover at least 6-8 hours of Entry Level lesson time, possibly more if you recap areas and use the work produced to create a display.

I am impressed by the differentiation of the question cards and scenarios, some may be unsuitable for specific learners however most are suitable for all.

I am particularly looking forward to using the 'What would you do?' cards as a game ... to be fair I think my own knowledge and commonsense may be tested a little too!

Thank you for this resource pack, it is incredibly important to teach about Internet Safety to low level learners and you have made my planning so much easier.

 by Anthony Evans
Internet Safety

This is an online safety resource that is up to date and relevant to what our children are using on their tablets or mobile devices. As usual Mark has fully researched his topic and consulted users on what they want. I could use this tomorrow with upper Key Stage 2 and lower years. The themes in the pack about online appearance and identity haven't been covered in anything I've seen and Mark puts these across far better than I could. This pack will be very useful in preventative online safety teaching.

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