The Shang Dynasty Pack

Explore the Shang Dynasty by downloading this comprehensive pack of teaching, activity and display resources. It includes a Powerpoint guide, a video overview, comprehension tasks, timelines and more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 15 Page Shang Dynasty Guide – A helpful overview of this topic in PDF and Powerpoint formats. Learn about oracle bones, the structure of society, important people and more!
  • One Shang Dynasty Video Guide – A short video that can be used to introduce this topic to your children. A separate transcript of the video’s text is also available.
  • One Video Comprehension Task – What did your children remember from the video guide? Test their knowledge with this comprehension sheet.
  • Two Video Review Sheets – This handy template can be used as a place to take notes while watching the Shang Dynasty video.
  • Three Shang Dynasty KWL Sheets – What do your children already know about this topic? What would they like to learn?
  • Nine Pages of Shang Dynasty Vocabulary Labels – A set of vocabulary labels that can be used on a classroom display, or as the starting point for discussions about this topic.
  • One Shang Dynasty Timeline – A timeline of the main events in the Shang Dynasty, with a matching set of questions.
  • Three Timeline Activities – Use this template to write or draw the main events from the Shang Dynasty. The answers are also available as pre-written cards that can be cut out and stuck in the correct places.
  • Four Pages of Timeline Cards – A collection of cards that you can use to make a timeline on a classroom display.
  • One Dragons ‘Spot the Spelling Mistakes’ Challenge – Learn about dragons and try to find the spelling mistakes at the same time!
  • Two Oracle Bones Cloze Procedures – Find out how people used oracle bones during the Shang Dynasty and try to put the missing words into the correct places. Available at two different levels of difficulty.
  • Two Wang Yirong and the Oracle Bones Texts – Learn about Wang Yirong and his work using oracle bones to learn about Chinese history. Differentiated sets of comprehension questions are also available.
  • Two ‘Who was Fu Hao?’ Comprehensions – Learn about Fu Hao, one of King Wu Ding’s wives during the Shang Dynasty and test your knowledge with these comprehension questions.
  • Four Shang Symmetry Activities – Look at the artefacts from the Shang Dynasty and draw your own symmetrical versions.
  • One 20 Page Artefacts Image Pack – A collection of photos that can be discussed and displayed!
  • Two Shang Artefacts Analysis Pages – What do your children think about these artefacts? Ask them to record their thoughts on these templates.
  • One Shang Dynasty Hierarchy Task – Can your children put the different groups in the correct places to show the hierarchy of Shang Dynasty society?
  • One Word Scramble – Unscramble the letters to reveal words linked to this topic.
  • One Word Search – Can your children find the relevant topic words on this word search?
  • Three Colouring Pages – A set of colouring pages showing people from the Shang Dynasty.
  • One Set of Bunting – A pack of bunting to hang in your classroom.
  • One Banner – A banner to add to your display boards when your children are learning about the Shang Dynasty.

The Shang Dynasty Pack


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The Shang Dynasty Pack
Average rating:  
 4 reviews
 by Emma
Great Resources!

These arrived at the perfect time. My children have enjoyed learning with the resources above!

 by Jane P
Saved my bacon!

Thank you so much for publishing this. I am a supply teacher, working in a new school for a week and the topic was China: Old and New! Without your pack I would have been struggling to find resources. The children loved the activities, especially the power point and the colourful pictures. The school were impressed too! Thank you for saving my bacon!

 by Colin

This is a fantastic pack and one that I will most definitely use.

 by Rowan
Very nice!

A good selection of activities, and a wonderful way to learn about Ancient China. I was pleased to see the oracle bones explained, and the pictures used throughout are sure to impress.

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