The Space Pack

Help your children to explore the wonders of space with our enormous teaching resource pack! It’s filled with child-friendly reference materials, eye-catching display posters and a wide range of activity resources.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 53 Page Space Book – A child-friendly guide to space with clear text and eye-catching illustrations. Use the pages for independent research, shared reading activities and whole class teaching. Also includes a huge glossary.
  • One Space Video Guide – Learn about space by watching this handy video guide!
  • Two Space Word Mats – Handy word mats showing a range of space vocabulary. Fantastic reference resources for your children!
  • One Enormous Space Exploration Timeline – Make a timeline on your classroom walls using our printable event cards. Includes fifty of the main events related to space discovery and exploration. A smaller set of cards is also available, which can be used for sorting / reference activities.
  • Twenty-Four High Quality Space Images – A printable pack of photos / illustrations of planets, space shuttles, astronauts and more. Use them for discussion, research and on your classroom displays!
  • Twelve Space Writing Prompts – Inspiring images that your children can use as the starting point for some space-themed writing.
  • One ‘Size of the Planets’ Resource – A handy chart that helps children to compare the sizes of the planets in the Solar System.
  • One Ordering the Planets Activity – Challenge your students to think of some mnemonics to help them remember the correct order of the planets.
  • One ‘Mass of the Solar System’ Activity – Help your children to think about the mass of the objects in the Solar System with this simple activity!
  • One Set of Follow Me Cards – Give a card (or two) to each child in your class. Ask one of the children to read out their space-themed question. The person with the correct answer reads it out and then reads their question. Continue like this until all thirty-two questions have been answered correctly!
  • One True or False Activity – A set of thirty-two statements about space… but which are true and which are false? Includes answers for teachers and self-checking.
  • Two ISS Comprehension Activities – Two differentiated texts describing the ISS (International Space Station), with sets of related questions to answer.
  • One Space Crossword – Review your children’s knowledge of space vocabulary with our handy crossword (includes answers!).
  • Two Space Wordsearches – Challenge your children to find different space words in our two printable wordsearches.
  • Six Display Resources – Decorate your classroom with our posters, banners and eye-catching images!

The Space Pack


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The Space Pack
Average rating:  
 30 reviews
 by ebd35
Out of this World!

Amazing resource! The children found the Space Book really useful for researching the planets and the writing prompts inspired some great writing. Thank you!

 by Violet
Brilliant Space Pack

Great resource for our Space topic. My daughter (Home Educated) loves it and we all really enjoy this resource. Thank you.

 by Sarah Jayne
Brilliant pack

My daughter is home educated, she’s Autistic and ADHD so has had some challenges in learning, however this pack has been brilliant to advance her interests in space. Brilliant resources and very useful.

 by Mark
Space Pack

Currently using this pack with my class and the children are really engaged and enjoying the topic. There a lots of interesting and useful facts which were easy to find and use. The worksheets are great, as they are well produced and are fun activities. I would highly recommend using this pack.

 by Julie
Amazing package!

What a fantastic package. My daughter (home educated) wanted to find out more about space and this pack gave a brilliant starting point. We found the pictures of each planet a real talking point, comparing each planet and it’s differences. Thank you so much we love this website!

 by Joy Simpson
Space Pack

Although I work with two secondary age pupils, they both struggle with different aspects of literacy and numeracy. It is so important that we can provide as many learning opportunities as we can to cover the 'same' thing. Over-learning is a dreadful word but for young people with specific learning difficulties it is a necessity. However, it doesn't have to be boring. Packs, like this one, offer a number of learning opportunities presented in different formats so that pupils can 'transfer' their skills - and if you can transfer skills to different contexts / situations then learning has taken place! The fact that they are colourful, attractive, well illustrated and not too much text on a page fulfils so many requirements for quality first teaching, especially children with SEND. Keep up the good work! However, are there any plans to design packs to tackle more aspects of the curriculum for older children?

Thanks for your wonderful comments Joy! We would love to cover more of the curriculum for older children in the future, but there are still areas of the primary curriculum that we want to create resources for first.

 by Kim Smith
Brilliant resource on Space

As a home educator we usually work on a topic for three to four weeks using the topic across all our lessons presently we are starting week five and my son is still engaged with his lessons and we have at least two weeks work ahead. As always the pack is set up to encourage children. I have found many useful resources on this site and I would recommend both this pack and the site in general. This resource in particular has given us many interesting facts to start our discussions with and it can be used by anyone across a variety of different subjects. Superb resource as always.

 by Rhona Findlay
Fab resource

Am currently using this resource with My P6 class. Great ideas and lots to prompt discussions. Will use again and again.

 by Mandy Lee

I have used this resource both in school and in Summer Scheme. It gave a lot of interesting facts which were easy to find and use. The worksheets are varied and well produced.
All round a great pack and I would highly recommend it.

 by Nikki Wagner
The Space Pack

We used these resources to set up our own “Space station” with rotational activities that inspired the kids no end. I love the colourful, modern images used in the display posters.

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