The Spelling Tips Display Pack

Help your children to learn tricky spellings with our collection of ‘Spelling Tips’ posters. This pack also includes a variety of banners, printable letters and activity sheets to complete.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • Twenty Spelling Tips Posters – A set of posters that show mnemonics to help your children spell a variety of words. These are also available as smaller cards which you can combine into a small booklet / reference resource.
  • Three ‘This Week’s Spelling Words’ Posters – A poster that you can use to remind children of words that need to be learned each week.
  • Six ‘Make a Mnemonic’ Sheets – A selection of activity sheets that children can use to make mnemonics to help them spell tricky words.
  • Three Sets of Spelling Letters – Letter cards (in bold, precursive and cursive fonts) to use on your display boards.
  • Four Spelling Banners – Printable banners to use on your spelling displays.

The preview image below shows what your display board could look like using these resources…

The Spelling Tips Display Pack


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The Spelling Tips Display Pack
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Rowan
Very nice indeed!

A lovely selection of spelling mnemonics posters. Some old favourites and also some interesting new ones I haven't seen before, and all very beautifully presented. I shall put these around my whiteboard. Thank you!

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