The Scotland Pack

Explore Scotland with this bumper pack of teaching resources. Use the PDF, PowerPoint and video guides alongside the differentiated activity resources, reference mats and display materials!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 20-Page Scotland Guide – A comprehensive guide to the country of Scotland, with information about Scottish geography, history, plants, animals and more!
  • One Video Guide – Learn about Scotland by watching this introductory video guide.
  • Two Video Review Sheets – A helpful template that children can use to make notes while watching the video guide.
  • One Scotland Video Comprehension Task – A collection of questions to test your children’s knowledge of the information in the video guide.
  • Three Scotland KWL Sheets – What do your children already know about this topic? What would they like to learn?
  • Two Scotland Quizzes – A set of questions about Scotland, available as an interactive PowerPoint quiz and a differentiated quiz sheet.
  • One Scotland Glossary – A set of words and definitions linked to this topic.
  • Nine Pages of Vocabulary Labels – Display labels showing related topic words.
  • One Loch Ness Comprehension Activity – Learn about the Loch Ness monster and then answer the matching comprehension questions.
  • Four ‘The Islands of Orkney’ Comprehension Tasks – Differentiated texts and questions about the Orkney Islands.
  • One ‘Robert the Bruce’ Comprehension – Test your knowledge of Robert the Bruce with this set of comprehension questions.
  • One ‘History of Tartan’ Comprehension Activity – Comprehension tasks based on the history of tartan.
  • One ‘Edinburgh Castle’ Cloze Procedure – Can your children add the missing words to this text about Edinburgh Castle?
  • One ‘The Firth of Forth’ Cloze Procedure – Learn about the Firth of Forth by filling in the gaps in this text.
  • Fourteen Pages of Famous Scots Posters – A collection of display posters that give information about famous Scottish people from the past and present.
  • Two Saltire Writing Templates – Writing frames that children could use for different writing tasks about Scotland.
  • One ‘Nessy Yourself’ Activity – Print photos of your children’s heads and then ask them to use these templates to turn themselves into the Loch Ness Monster!
  • One Robert the Bruce Comic Strip – Can your children create images to accompany this text about Robert the Bruce?
  • One Scottish History Timeline Activity – An overview of the history of Scotland with matching questions.
  • Three I Spy Activities – A fun counting challenge showing a variety of Scottish items.
  • One Scotland Word Scramble – Rearrange the letters to make the names of Scottish places, plants, animals and objects.
  • One Scottish Animals Mat – A helpful reference resource showing pictures of animals that are native to Scotland.
  • One 12-Page Native Scottish Animals Image Pack – Use these posters as a display or discussion resource to learn about animals that can be found in Scotland.
  • Twenty-Six Scottish Animals Report Writing Templates – A variety of writing frames that children can use to share information about different animals from Scotland.
  • One Scottish Animal Word Search – Can your students find the names of different animals in this word search?
  • One Scottish Wildlife Word Scramble – Rearrange the jumbled letters to make the names of different animals.
  • One 21-Page Scottish Landmarks Image Pack – Posters that show images of different places in Scotland.
  • One Scottish Landmarks Word Search – Challenge your children to find the names of different places in Scotland!
  • Four ‘Design your own Tartan’ Sheets – A set of designs for your children to decorate in different ways.
  • One Scotland Map Task – Label the places in Scotland. A completed poster is also available for your display boards.
  • One Scotland Map Labelling Activity – Can your students add the locations of Scottish cities, towns, rivers, lochs, national parks and islands?
  • One Scotland Landmarks Map – Put these Scottish landmarks in the correct places on the map.
  • One Saltire Colouring Page – Decorate this outline version of the flag of Scotland.
  • Twenty Scotland Colouring Pages – A wide variety of colouring pages linked to the country.
  • Five Tartan Pattern Colouring Pages – A collection of colouring pages with different tartan patterns.
  • One Set of Scotland Page Borders – A wide range of writing and drawing templates with Scottish flags around the border.
  • Two Scotland Banners – Display banners to use when your children are learning about Scotland.
  • Two Sets of Scotland Bunting – Hang this bunting in your classroom during your country study!

The Scotland Pack


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The Scotland Pack
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Rowan
Very comprehensive!

This is definitely what you need if studying Scotland! Most informative, with great activities. The images and the animal profiles are particularly interesting, and the video is really beautiful.
One suggestion - might be nice to include a poem about Robert the Bruce and the spider. I remember I read a good poem, years ago, which told the story and ended with a moral about never giving up.

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