The Early Years Essentials Pack

Use this fantastic collection of teaching, display and activity resources in your Early Years setting. This huge pack includes a wide range of teaching materials, along with printables to help you organise your classroom.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • Ten Sets of Alphabet Lines – Sets of printable strips that show the letters of the alphabet. Available in precursive and cursive fonts.
  • Four Pages of Letter and Phoneme Cards – A handy collection of cards, showing different letters and phonemes, that can be used for word building activities.
  • One Alphabet Matching Activity – Can your children match the pairs of shoes to review their knowledge of upper and lower case letters? Available with precursive and cursive fonts.
  • One ‘Wallaby Words’ Activity – Cut out the wallaby pictures and challenge your children to read the words and sort them into real / imaginary words by placing them into the correct wallaby’s pouch.
  • Ninety-Four Pages of Letters and Phonemes – A set of bold letters and phonemes that you can use on a classroom display board. Your children could decorate them by adding words or pictures of objects that include the letter or phoneme.
  • One ‘I Spy…’ Resource – Ask your children to draw (or write the names of) objects that they can see beginning with a particular letter / phoneme. The boxes have been left blank so that you can add your own choice of letters / phonemes.
  • Eight 2D Shape Challenges – A selection of activities and challenges to help younger children remember the names of 2D shapes.
  • One Making Patterns Resource – Use the included colour, shape and emoji cards to create a repeating pattern. Why not laminate these resources so they can be used again and again?
  • Five Patterns Challenges – A set of printable worksheets that challenge your children to continue the colour, shape and number patterns.
  • Six Picture Patterns Activities – A selection of animals and objects with spaces for your children to colour / decorate a repeating pattern.
  • Six ‘Stepping Stone Patterns’ Printables – Can your children decorate the ‘stepping stones’ using a repeating pattern to help the characters reach their target?
  • Seventy-Five Colouring Pages – A HUGE colouring booklet with pages for your children to decorate. Includes a range of animals, people, vehicles, places, events and more!
  • Ten ‘Ordering Size’ Activities – Ten pages of images that your children can cut out and place in order of size.
  • Twenty-Seven Pages of ‘Mega Match’ Resources – This simple matching resource covers colours, numbers, letters, days of the week and months of the year. Print a mat and the accompanying set of cards and then ask your children to match the cards to items already shown on the mat. You can make this activity more challenging by asking the children to match lower case and upper case letters… or match digits with number words… or match the days / months in the correct order!
  • Fifteen Days, Months and Seasons Posters – Colourful posters (available in a variety of fonts) that show the names of the days / months. Use them on a display board or cut them up and use them for ordering activities.
  • Three ‘Mixing Colours’ Posters – Handy charts that show children how colours can be mixed to make new ones. A blank version is also available so that your children can add the ‘answers’. A ‘Colour Mixing Mat’ is also included so that your children can try mixing their own colours.
  • One Hundred Home Learning Activities – A huge set of activities that families can explore together at home, based on twenty different themes… or use them as classroom activities with your children!
  • Twenty Pages of Labels – Sets of labels that you can use for labelling your children’s books, lockers and more! These cover a wide variety of themes (including superheroes, space, pets, robots, pirates, minibeasts and dinosaurs).

If you’re looking for Early Years Maths resources, make sure that you download our Early Number Pack!

The Early Years Essentials Pack


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The Early Years Essentials Pack
Average rating:  
 6 reviews
 by Christina
Early Years Essentials

Absolutely wonderful resource pack. Great stories and the visuals are colourful and engaging- the children love them! Thank you so much.

 by Sinead
Fantastic resource

This resource really is a huge help. I moved to early years from the senior end of our school and this pack really helped me get started. Great, comprehensive materials to help get you set up!

 by Grace
Really comprehensive

This has got a great variety of early years activities. It saved me so much time as they were all in one pack and my son loves the activities.

 by Catherine
The Early Years Essentials Pack

This pack is so useful, especially now there is a choice of alternative font (correct numbers font for my school). It covers all the basics and has activities which, though Early Years intended, are proving very useful for small step, repetitive work/games or practice for my lower KS2 group, who are still trying to get a solid grasp on early number concepts.

 by Sophie
Very Useful

This has been such a useful resource and saved me a lot of time too! I especially loved the stories which has been shared with my class many times both for shared and personal reading time, thank you 🙂

 by Corrina
Early Year Pack

Just loved how much was in this pack. How colourful and well set out it was. There are so many things I can use and place up in my classroom.

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