The Number of the Day Display Pack

Make an interactive ‘Number of the Day’ display board using our handy display pack. Change the number each day (or week if you prefer) and add some of the printable question posters provided to challenge your students’ Maths skills! An editable PowerPoint version is also included!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • Eleven ‘Number of the Day’ Numbers – Large printable numbers (in white and coloured versions) to use on your display. Also includes a decimal point.
  • Thirty-Seven Number of the Day Questions – A collection of question posters to get your children thinking about the number of the day. An additional set is available with spaces for children to write on their answers (or stick on Post-It notes).
  • Two Robot Posters – Pictures of robots to add to the Number of the Day display board.
  • One Set of Cog Pictures – Pictures of cogs to decorate the Number of the Day display board.
  • Three Number of the Day Speech Bubbles – Questions posters to decorate the Number of the Day display.
  • Two Number of the Day / Week Banners – Banners to use at the top of your display board.
  • One Editable ‘Number of the Day’ PowerPoint – A PowerPoint version of this activity that you can show on a large display. Simply change the number and set the questions using the large collection of ideas that we have provided!
  • One Editable ‘Number of the Day’ Activity Sheet – A Word document that can be edited and printed so children can complete your Number of the Day challenge on paper!

The preview image below shows what your display board could look like using these resources…

The Number of the Day Display Pack


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The Number of the Day Display Pack
Average rating:  
 4 reviews
 by Fiona

My class love solving these problems and they work well as an early morning starter. Easy to edit if needed. Lots of room for discussion too.

 by Nicola
Love this!

This is a fabulous resource. I have introduced this to the whole school and it is used each week as part of Form Time activities. The editable PowerPoint means the questions can be adapted according to ability plus changing the questions each week keeps the pupils guessing. Pupils can work individually or in teams to see who can complete the challenges fastest.

 by Rowan
Very useful!

I think it looks great! The powerpoint is a good idea too. I'm thinking of putting it up in my class as a display, and any student who finishes their work early can see how many of the challenges they can complete.
If I could a suggestion - it might be an idea to include some printable sheets for the children to write their answers on, so they can look at the board and write the answers to the challenges.

Thanks for your review, Rowan. I have just added an editable Word document to this pack so that your children can complete the task on paper.

 by S Cushing
Editable page

Great ideas for questions regarding the number of the day.
A single editable screen / sheet for use on a teaching screen would be useful rather than items to use on a classroom display board.
Thanks for all of the ideas though.

Thanks for your review of our new display pack. I have just added a PowerPoint version of this activity, based on your great idea!

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