The Recount Writing Pack

Help your children to improve their recount writing skills with our resource pack. The pack includes posters, examples, planning tools, writing prompts and more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • Ten Recount Writing Posters – A selection of PDF posters that can be used to teach children about recount writing. Share them with your children on an interactive whiteboard or print them for use on a classroom display board. The posters are also available in a smaller card format.
  • Ten Examples of Recount Writing – Share our examples with your class and challenge them to find the features of recount writing. Can they improve them… or write an alternative version? Each type is available in two different versions to help with your differentiation.
  • Three Recount Writing Checklists – Printable checklists to help your children to review and improve their recount writing!
  • Two Recount Writing Planners – Two documents that children can use to plan their recount writing. Includes helpful advice and reminders to support the writing process.
  • Twelve Recount Writing Storyboard Templates – A set of storyboard templates to help your children plan their recounts and put the events into chronological order. Includes versions with / without spaces for text and pictures.
  • Twenty-Four Recount Writing Activity Cards – Twenty-four cards with different ideas for recount writing! Choose a card as a challenge for your class or give them out at random!
  • Twelve When, Where, Who, How, What, Why? Cards – Challenge your children to write the introduction to a recount based on the information on these cards! Can they write the rest of the recount too?
  • Eight Display Banners – Printable banners to decorate your classroom displays!

Watch the video below to view samples of resources from the Recount Writing Pack.

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The Recount Writing Pack
Average rating:  
 21 reviews
by Mandy on The Recount Writing Pack

I love all these packs, they are bright so that th children like to look at them and stand out on our working wall. They are easy to follow and say exactly what I need them to say/do. It has saved me hours of planning time which means I can focus more on helping the children and coming up with more exciting ideas! Thank you!

by Samantha on The Recount Writing Pack
Recount writing pack

I loved using this recount writing pack, this pack is really useful and easy for my children to understand thank you.

by Tami Wylie on The Recount Writing Pack
Fab recount resources!

This is a great pack to use for introducing recount writing. It is clear and easy for children of all levels and abilities to understand. It was very useful in my Year 3 class and helped us to produce some fantastic writing! Thank you.

by Paula Lehane on The Recount Writing Pack
First Steps Resource; Recount Writing

An excellent resource to use with the First Steps approach to writing. The resources here use and explain the key terms very effectively. The differentiated levels for the texts are also very useful for ensuring that all children are able to access the features of this writing genre. The checklists are very useful for the kids as well!

by Shirley Stevens on The Recount Writing Pack
Recount Writing Pack

Great pack but would be really useful to have an editable version(Word) of the recount examples so that I could do a shared edit with the children on the interactive whiteboard. Also I could then create a version with deliberate mistakes(based on AFL of my class).

Thank you

by Katie on The Recount Writing Pack
Wonderful resource for First Steps

I love this resource,we use First Steps writing program in our school and I found this so helpful in using age appropriate examples of recount writing.Its all there ,texts to model with , worksheets and tasks to use with groups or individuals if you prefer in a simple structured way.I could have made some of these but it would have taken far too much time.These are like something made my a class teacher .V functional

by Richard Stevens on The Recount Writing Pack
good for display and examples of recounts

This collection is ideal for display. For activities there are some examples of recounts, check lists and writing frames. There are also activity cards that give a stimulus, although these lack a visual. Another resource answers the question words to give note form of a recount.

by Laura on The Recount Writing Pack
Recount Writing

I loved this pack. We used them as part of a display which children could refer to during their writing. They were colourful, well laid out and very child appropriate. The children loved the writing checklists!

by Jennifer on The Recount Writing Pack
Loved it!

Another fantastic resource. Made use of almost everything in this pack! The examples of writing are great to use in whole class teaching settings and provide students with an idea of what is expected of their writing. Also the writing checklists are great to remind everyone what needs to be included in different genres. Thanks!

by Karen Brogan on The Recount Writing Pack
Recount Writing Pack

This is an excellent resource, well laid out, easy to use, teacher and child friendly. The different examples of recount writing are colourful, interesting and appropriate. The Recount Writing Pack is a must have in my classroom, especially the question word grid, which we use not only in the context of Recount but also as a template/worksheet which is invaluable when children compose their own questions on text read, applied in a cross-curricular manner.More packs please!

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