The 'On This Day' Pack

Teach your children about an event that takes place every day of the year with our downloadable Powerpoint presentations. Answer the questions, try the activities and inspire learning based on these daily prompts!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • Twelve Months of ‘On This Day’ Slides – A collection of Powerpoint presentations with one slide for every day in the year. Each slide includes:
    • Information about a historical event that took place on that day,
    • A related image to discuss,
    • Questions to answer,
    • Suggested activities to try!

These resources are also available as PDFs for those without access to Powerpoint.

The On This Day Pack


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The On This Day Pack The On This Day Pack The On This Day Pack The On This Day Pack
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The On This Day Pack
Average rating:  
 13 reviews
 by Julie
On This Day

I have just started using this excellent resource to kick start my literacy block.
We orally read as a class. Discuss. Pick out words for vocab work. Use it for grammar to pick out nouns, verbs etc. Use it for tense. How can we change the tense of this piece of writing? We use it to practise our cursive writing by copying as much of it as we can it 10 minutes. Next we use the comprehension activities and I sometimes even add a few of my own. Complete at least one of the activities. Early finishers can try more. The list goes on. It has taken us on many a YouTube/google journey to answer questions that may arise.
Many of my students consider it the best part of the day, so thanks for your fantastic effort. It is the resource that I now use the most.
I was also happy to see a couple of Australian events mentioned too. Have you considered doing an Australian version?
Thanks again

 by Mark

I've only had a quick look but it seems amazing. My mind boggles at the amount of research that must have gone into it. As you say it can be used in so many different ways. Also I appreciate that it includes 365 days when you could easily have left out August or other obvious holidays.

 by Anj

Brilliant brilliant, love it, love it - so do my Year 5's.

 by Avril
On This Day Pack

I downloaded the On This Day Pack. It is an amazing resource! I have a small SEND unit attached to a mainstream school and pupils have a daily literacy/numeracy lesson. We have used the Daily Facts every day for the last week as there are literacy and numeracy questions and activities. As we have 80% boys, the content is extremely appropriate, they loved designing their own football strip - used as an incentive to complete the written tasks.

If you haven't downloaded it, do it now! There are so many uses including history, science and English. Thank you very much indeed.

 by Ana María Acosta
On this day

Amazing! I use it as warm up activity for my social science lessons!

 by Rowan

This Pack is soooo cool! I'm going to use it at the start of every day, as the children come in. I love telling my class stories about different times and places. I think it's really important they grow up with a good appreciation and love of geography and history. This is just what we need!

I see the reviews already have a lot of feedback with suggestions. This shows how valuable the pack is. Let me add mine - how about, on every slide, a question - "how long ago was this?" Perhaps with a little numberline counting aid. It would be great to get the kids thinking about this, and practising their maths skills in real life situations. Also, how about some classroom displays to remind us that every day is amazing?

Thanks for your great review Rowan. Based on your feedback, we have some ideas for new display packs and resources that may be useful for you in the future 😀

 by Sarah
A great idea but I can't access..

I love the idea of this on this day resource, but as I don't have Microsoft office and it doesn't seem to display correctly in my open source presentation software (text overlaps other text) then I can't use it with my children - would it be possible to make it available as a pdf so that those who don't have Microsoft software are able to access it? Many thanks.

Thanks for your review Sarah. I have just added PDF versions of the presentations to the pack. I hope that they're useful 😀

 by Marilyn Clarke
On this day pack

When opening the PP the information given at the bottom where the questions are listed, each of the slides is overlapping and it is therefore unreadable. One question is printed on top of the other.

Thanks for your review Marilyn. Please click Slideshow -> Play from Start to 'present' the Powerpoint in full-screen mode. The overlapping text will then disappear and you can use the 'Questions' and 'Activities' buttons to show the text correctly to your children.

 by Richard
Some questions are not according to the text

This is really good - a great way to get the students researching. However, some of the questions do not relate exactly to the text on some dates - for example Sept 30th.

Having said that - it is still a great pack! Well done.

Hi Richard. Thanks for your great review. I can't see a problem with the questions on September 30th, as they all relate to Suleiman the Magnificent, who is referred to in the description and and shown in the image. I'll send an email to you to investigate this further. Mark

 by Anne
On this day

This looks great, another useful pack from Teaching Packs! Thank you. Would you also add August when you get to that point for those in Scotland? I look forward to using this in class.

Hi Anne. Thanks for your great review. We plan to cover the entire year, so there will be slides for August next year 😀

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