The Maths Vocabulary Pack - Posters, labels and activity resources to help your pupils to remember hundreds of Maths words!

Help your children to learn the meaning of a wide range of maths vocabulary with our enormous resource pack! Includes posters, activity sheets and lots of other resources to ensure that your children know what each word means.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 92 Page eBook – A PDF eBook that is full of posters to teach your pupils about hundreds of Maths words. Each poster contains clear explanations, with examples, to help children to remember the vocabulary covered. This resource could be used as part of classroom displays, during whole class teaching activities, for guided reading, or during independent maths activities.
  • Twenty-three pages of Maths Vocabulary cards – We have also created a smaller version of the eBook, with each poster on a printable card. The cards could be used as reference tools to stay on children’s tables, or used as a revision tool in the build-up to Maths assessments.
  • Five Maths Definitions Challenges – Can your children write a definition for, or give an example of, the vocabulary on our challenge sheets? Five sheets are available, with varying levels of difficulty.
  • 63 Pages of Labels – Printable labels to add to your classroom displays. Children could also use them to test each other’s knowledge of the meaning of the words.
  • Five Crosswords – Can your children solve the clues and fit the correct Maths words on our crosswords?
  • Five Wordsearches – Sets of wordsearches that include vocabulary linked to different Maths topics.

Watch the video below to view samples of resources from the Maths Vocabulary Pack.


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The Maths Vocabulary Pack
Average rating:  
 15 reviews
 by Dinah
Maths Vocabulary

Fabulous resource. Everything I needed in one place. Thank you. You have saved me so much time.

 by Jillian

Thanks so much for all the work you put into creating all this fantastic resources. I love how deeply they delve into the subject matter, but yet are simple to understand and follow. I love the Maths Vocab book- I plan on printing it and then displaying it when I introduce a new term, while also having it available to students to help them when they come across something themselves. Thank you again.
Just wondering if the skateboard picture on e-book pg 32 (Going Shopping) could be changed though? The word 'Megaboard' is split over two lines, or is it just my computer? Either way, thanks so much for all your effort.

Thanks for your lovely review of the Maths Vocabulary Pack, Jillian. We really appreciate your kind words! We have just fixed the 'Megaboard' text in the booklet. Thanks for letting us know about the error.

 by Fiona
Excellent resource for revision and recap.

Thank you so much for this great pack which I have used around the class and in students books to help them remember what we are learning about. I work in a special school and the cards in particular were useful to support my students in their revision for entry level maths. I used the suitable vocabulary pages to add to the revision books I made for each of the areas of maths they were revising for. I believe that it gave them confidence to tackle the revision independently at home. Thank you all for hard work you put in and the resources you produce. My membership plus is money very well spent. Can't wait to trial the new number generator with my students in Spetember.

 by Lorraine
Time saving display

Excellent time saving posters. Very helpful and the children love them too.

 by Katie Roberts
Great for working walls

The maths vocabulary posters are great for printing out and putting up on my working wall linked to the topic we are doing that week. The children love the bright engaging content and they serve as useful reminders to refer to in the lesson.

 by Sharon
My favourite resource

Great resource, particularly printed on cards to make individual packs for students. Not just for KS2 but a fantastic aide memoire for KS3 and KS4 students who gain confidence by having this essential information readily to hand in a bright, accessible format. Thanks

 by Susanne
Maths Vocabulary

Fantastic timesavers. Bright and colourful. Used by children and adults alike. Thank you so much.

 by Julie

Brilliant Resource. Has been of great value to me when teaching fractions. Thank you.

 by Sinead Kirby
Excellent Resources

There are some excellent resources in this pack, well designed and informative. The posters really helped me in creating interesting and engaging displays for my class. Thanks!

 by Kelly McClean
Maths Vocabulary

An excellent pack that has saved me a lot of effort and time. The book is a super resource for visual learners and it is a great idea to be able to print these as cards. It explains terms clearly and very well.

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