The Decimals Pack

The Decimals Pack includes teaching guides, audio quizzes, activity resources and display materials to help your children use decimals accurately and confidently!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • A Sixteen Page Guide to Decimals – A set of posters to teach your children about different aspects of decimals… covering place value, number lines, rounding, calculations, fractions, percentages and more! Also available in a smaller card format, with alternative versions for those with different currencies (i.e. pounds, euros and dollars). Featuring Dec the Dalmation… the dog with ten spots!
  • Twelve Audio Quizzes – A set of audio recordings (in MP3 format) that feature a variety of decimals questions. Ask your children to listen carefully to each question and then write their answer on the included sheets.
  • Three Place Value Charts – Three printable charts showing the value of whole numbers and decimals.
  • Two Sets of Number Line Challenges – Can your children identify the location of the arrows on these number lines? Includes six different number lines (with tenths / hundredths).
  • Four Sets of Decimals Activity Cards – Printable decimal numbers that can be used for a wide range of activities. Answer the questions provided with each set… or use the cards for other activities based on the teaching ideas included.
  • One Hundred Decimals Challenge Cards – A huge collection of decimal challenges for children to try, in increasing order of difficulty and with answers for teachers!
  • Two ‘Converting Fractions, Decimals and Percentages’ Resources – A poster to help children understand how to convert between fractions, decimals and percentages. Also includes a challenge sheet to help your pupils practise!
  • Four Fractions, Decimals and Percentages Charts – A simple chart showing a selection of fractions, decimals and percentages. Also includes three versions with blank spaces that your children can complete!
  • Seventy-Eight Decimals Posters – A huge collection of posters showing different decimals using words, numbers and shapes (with comparisons to fractions and percentages). A great reference tool for your classroom! You could also cut them up and ask children to match the pieces together.
  • Four Pages of Decimals Words and Numbers – A set of decimals, written using words and digits. Can your children match them together?
  • Eighty Decimals Activity Sheets – Covering place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, percentages, rounding, ordering and more! All with answers for teachers and self-checking by pupils.
  • Three Sets of Money Problems – Thirty-six money questions, based on items for sale in a toy store. Includes differentiated prices and questions… along with versions referring to pounds, euros and dollars.
  • One Set of Decimals Vocabulary Labels – A set of printable labels showing a range of ‘decimals’ vocabulary. Includes a blank set of labels so that you can write on your own words too.
  • Two Display Banners – Display banners to decorate your classroom!

The Decimals Pack


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The Decimals Pack
Average rating:  
 19 reviews
 by Ashleigh
Another cracker!

A great pack for reviewing and consolidating skills for the Year 6 pupils! Great combination of quizzes, calculations and classroom resources.

 by Gemma Mowat
Great for group tasks

I really like this pack to create stations for decimal round up at end of block of teaching and for revisiting during the year.

 by Pam
decimal pack

Thank you for updating this. I used the fraction pack last year and have utilised it for various year groups with low ability or low self esteem regarding maths.
This decimal pack is another pack which is simple straight forward not too much going on to confuse learners, the simple worksheets don't cause confusion with additional need learners and the learners who need to just focus on the task. They see the numbers and conversions easily as there is nothing else to distract from their understanding. Extremely impressed with all resources from you and I hope you continue with this style.

 by snowy
visual and fun

I love the very essence of this pack. It is very visual and easily accessible for those struggling with the change from fractions into decimals. I am using this pack at the moment, the pack has different visuals for varying abilities to help with understanding by moving through where the decimal needs to be and how the change occurs.

 by Karen Graham
Decimal Pack

I have used a wide range of your resources as I always find them engaging for the students and professionally presented. However, time and time again I find myself screen clipping your PDFs into Power Point displays as I find this format the most efficient way to manipulate the pages presented. By including hyperlinks it is really easy to navigate through the pages and focus on the specific pages you require for each lesson. Once the work has been taught I am then able to copy selected slides and place them into my revision and warm up Power Points. I was wondering if you could include some Power Point presentations in your packs.

Hi Karen,Thanks for your feedback. Most of our packs now includes Powerpoint versions of the main PDF topic guides. A Powerpoint version of the Decimals Guide has been included in the pack for a while now. We will definitely try to add more Powerpoint resources to the site as we continue creating new resource packs.

 by Diane

This pack was great for my year 5s who really struggle with decimals. It is kid friendly and teacher friendly as well!

 by Kate

I actually used this with my GED class. It was great, albeit a bit time consuming, that the power point could be edited, so I was able to make it more adult, and I added more practice slides, so I could check students' understanding. I also changes some of the language to make it more in line with 'American English.' Thanks for the resource!

 by Lynda Vernon

I have some Year 5 children really struggling to get the concept of decimal numbers. This pack will help me immensely.

 by Dimitra

Love this pack

I have utilised this pack for low ability/IM 12-14 year olds. I simply reduce the size so the kids do not realise it is a primary school resource.

They feel that they can achieve the work. It builds their confidence which then allows me to introduce harder aspects of the topic

 by kirsteen young
decimals pack

I really love this site. I used this pack in my P6 class and they too loved it. I created journey jotters which had some of the explanation pages from this pack glued in so they could refer to it at home or in school if they forgot a process or information.

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