The World War 2 Pack

Explore the events of World War 2 using our comprehensive resource pack! It includes a HUGE child-friendly eBook, activity resources for your children to complete and display materials to decorate your classroom!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 77 Page Guide to World War 2 – A HUGE printable eBook that contains information about the events of World War 2. Use the PDF on an interactive whiteboard for whole class teaching or print the pages and use them for independent / group research and shared reading.
  • One World War 2 Quiz – A quiz to test your knowledge of World War 2, available as differentiated question sheets and an interactive PowerPoint presentation.
  • One World War 2 Timeline – Resources that show the main events of World War 2. Available as a printable list and as a set of display cards (which could be used for sorting / grouping activities too).
  • One Set of World War 2 Follow Me Cards – A set of thirty-two questions about World War 2. Cut them out, jumble them up and ask your children to match the questions with the answers!
  • One True or False Activity – Can your children identify the ten true and ten false statements about World War 2? Answers are included for teachers and self-checking.
  • Four Crack the Code Resources – A set of resources that children can use to create their own secret ‘Enigma’ codes!
  • Two World War 2 Map Activities – Can your children colour the countries involved in World War 2? This resource is available with and without country labels.
  • Eight World War 2 Story Starters – A set of eight images with text prompts that your children can use as the starting point for some WW2 themed fiction writing.
  • One 24 Page World War 2 Image Pack – A collection of high quality images that you can use as a display, discussion or reference resource during your WWII topic.
  • One Evacuation Label – A printable label that your children can write on as part of your learning about the evacuation.
  • One World War 2 Wordsearch – Can your children find the hidden words in this WWII themed wordsearch? Includes answers for teachers and self-checking.
  • One World War 2 Crossword – Use this fantastic vocabulary challenge to review your children’s knowledge of the topic!
  • One World War 2 Vocabulary Challenge – Ask your students to write definitions for these WWII words. Our topic glossary may be helpful for this activity.
  • Twelve Display Banners – Printable banners to add to the history display boards in your classroom!

The World War 2 Pack


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The World War 2 Pack
Average rating:  
 7 reviews
 by Steve Bannister

This is a great pack, and contains lots of information fantastically presented. We have noticed an error in the Word Search, though. 'Tornado' appears in the word list as a word for you to find, but 'Torpedo' is the word that is actually in the Word Search.

Thanks for spotting this for us, Steve. I have just updated the wordsearch.

 by Miss Webster

This pack is outstanding in providing an overview for teaching!

 by María Laura Bargas

Incredible resources to help our kids understand different aspects of the war. Really appealing and engaging, indeed!

 by Lorraine
WWII pack

This really helps to focus on the positive aspects of war which would ordinarily be a heavy and dark topic

 by Jacqui Hodge
World war 2


 by Mary
World War 2

Another BRILLIANT pack! Really, really LOVE the eBooks! So child friendly and just perfect for the children in my class. THANK YOU BOTH!!!

 by Diane
Excellent set of resources


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