The Rugby World Cup Pack

Celebrate this exciting sporting event with our cross-curricular teaching, activity and display pack! It includes a topic guide, writing prompts, Maths challenges, art resources, bunting, banners and more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One Rugby World Cup Guide – A PDF and Powerpoint topic guide that can be used to teach your children about the Rugby World Cup! It includes information about the event, pools and knockout matches, facts and figures, the mascots, the Webb Ellis Cup and more!
  • One Rugby World Cup ‘Key Facts’ Presentation – A simple presentation that outlines the key facts related to this event.
  • Twenty Rugby-Themed Early Morning Activities – A range of cross-curricular activities that children can complete at the start of the day (or use as ‘fast finisher activities’).
  • Two Japan Fact Files – A handy fact file that is bursting with information about Japan and its population, food, landmarks, sports, language and more! Available at two different levels of difficulty.
  • Two Sets of Japan Questions – Two sets of quiz questions to review your children’s knowledge of the information in the Japan Fact Files.
  • Four ‘All Blacks’ Comprehension Challenges – Collections of comprehension questions based on differentiated texts about the New Zealand All Blacks.
  • One Springboks Spelling Challenge – Can your children find and correct the spelling mistakes in these sentences about the South Africa rugby team?
  • Ten Rugby World Cup Writing Prompts – Ask your children to create a range of rugby-themed writing with our picture prompts. Includes prompts based on narrative writing, biographies, newspaper reports, poetry and more.
  • Eight Rugby Player Profiles – Use these templates to write a profile of a real (or fictional) rugby player. Available with male and female player images.
  • One Rugby World Cup Statistics Spreadsheet – An Excel document that contains sporting information about the twenty countries taking part. Use it for your computing activities or as part of statistical challenges in Maths.
  • Five Rugby World Cup Statistics Challenges – A set of activity sheets that test your children’s ability to interpret rugby data shown in charts and tables.
  • One Rugby Ball Outline – An outline of a rugby ball that your children can use to write shape poems or for a wide range of art activities.
  • One Rugby World Cup Crossword – Challenge your children to solve the clues about the different countries taking part in the Rugby World Cup.
  • One Rugby World Cup Word Search – Can your children find the names of the twenty countries taking part in the 2019 event in this word search?
  • One Rugby World Cup Sweepstake Poster – Run a friendly sweepstake in your classroom (or staffroom)! Pick one team each and see who has the winning country at the end of the competition.
  • Twenty Rugby World Cup Team Flag Posters – A set of posters that show the flags of the countries taking part in the 2019 event.
  • One Set of Rugby World Cup Bunting – Display bunting to hang in your classroom during the event!
  • One Rugby World Cup Banner – A printable banner to add to your Rugby World Cup display boards!

The Rugby World Cup Pack


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The Rugby World Cup Pack
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