The Fine Motor Skills Pack

Improve your children’s fine motor skills with our bumper collection of printable resources! It includes a wide range of drawing, writing, colouring, cutting, sticking and other craft activities.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • Twenty-Six Handwriting Sheets – A selection of printable pages that you can use to develop your children’s handwriting skills. Available in precursive and cursive fonts.
  • Fifteen Letter and Number Boards – A set of printable boards that children can use to practise writing letters and numbers. Available in a variety of fonts and styles.
  • Twenty ‘Count and Trace’ Sheets – A collection of printables that help your children to review their number writing skills.
  • Two ‘Follow the Lines’ Printables – Simple activities to help your children to improve their pencil control.
  • Five ‘Trace the Lines’ Pages – Can your children match the animals to their food by tracing along the dotted lines?
  • Eight ‘Trace the Shapes’ Pages – Eight sets of shapes to trace and decorate!
  • Twenty ‘Trace the Pictures’ Sheets – Twenty pages of pictures (at different levels of complexity) for your children to trace, colour and decorate!
  • Three ‘Cutting Lines’ Activity Sheets – Challenge your children to cut along these straight, zig-zag and wavy lines!
  • Fourteen ‘Cutting Shapes’ Challenges – Can your children cut out the shapes and objects on these challenge sheets?
  • Ten Prickly Peg Hedgehogs – Cut out these hedgehogs and ask your children to put the correct number of pegs onto them to make them more prickly!
  • Eight Pom Pom Pictures – Decorate these pictures by sticking pom poms (or balls of tissue paper) in the correct places!
  • Five ‘Pattern Building’ Sheets – Use coloured counters, beads or bricks to create patterns along these lines!
  • Seven Pages of ‘Thread the Fishing Lines’ Activities – Ask your children to thread the correct number of beads onto the fishing lines. Can they thread the lines of all twenty fish?
  • Three ‘Pipe Cleaner People’ Sheets – Can your children make these people using pipe cleaners?
  • Three Rainbow Fish Weaving Templates – Make your own beautiful rainbow fish with this differentiated weaving activity.
  • Ten Cut and Stick Crafts – Can your children cut out the different parts of these pages and stick them together to make animals, vehicles and more?
  • Twenty Amazing Mazes – A collection of printable mazes based on a variety of themes. Can your children make their way through from the start to the finish?

The Fine Motor Skills Pack


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The Fine Motor Skills Pack
Average rating:  
 2 reviews
 by Diane
Home Learning ideas

Great resource for in class activities and to provide home learning activities for families.

 by Rowan
Very useful!

A great idea, and will be most helpful for teachers of young children. A few things recycled from the Early Years Pack, but mostly original, and a great assortment of things to draw and cut and follow.

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