The Punctuation Pack - A 29 page eBook with child-friendly guides to each type of punctuation, along with activities to review your pupils' understanding!

Do your pupils struggle to use punctuation accurately? Our eBook helps children to learn about the different types of punctuation and how to use them. The accompanying activity sheets and display resources also encourage them to use perfect punctuation every time!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 29 Page eBook – A PDF eBook that can be used to teach children about different types of punctuation. Share it with your class on a large display (e.g. interactive whiteboard), let them read it independently on computers / mobile devices and print the activity pages to challenge their understanding of perfect punctuation.
  • Eight Pages of Punctuation Cards – The eBook is also available in a smaller card format. Print these and leave them on children’s tables as a reference tool during your lessons!
  • Six Punctuation Proofreading Activity Sheets – Can your pupils add the correct punctuation to this collection of sentences and paragraphs? The six sheets vary in difficulty / range of punctuation and answers are included for teachers.
  • Two Punctuation Mats – Handy reference sheets for children to refer to as part of their writing activities. Two different versions are included for younger and older pupils.
  • Six Punctuation Target Bookmarks – Give children a punctuation target bookmark and let them tick it when they show that they can use each type of punctuation accurately.
  • Four Punctuation Checkers – A handy checklist showing the different types of punctuation, for children to refer to when they are writing.
  • Fourteen Punctuation Banners – Decorate your classroom quickly with our eye-catching display banners.
  • Thirteen Punctuation Posters – Printable posters to display in your classroom, giving children information about each type of punctuation.
  • Thirteen Punctuation Cartoon Posters – A3-sized posters showing cartoon versions of each type of punctuation. Perfect for decorating your classroom displays.

Variations of all of these resources are included free, so that you can use the most appropriate term with your class (e.g. Full Stop / Period, Speech Marks / Inverted Commas / Quotation Marks).

Watch the video below to view samples of resources from the Punctuation Pack.


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The Punctuation Pack
Average rating:  
 23 reviews
 by Barbara Ouharda
Excellent! Very comprehensive

My year 8 and year 9 students needed a review of punctuation. All of them are second or third language speakers and most have gone through a French system before landing in our British school.
French punctuation is different from British punctuation hence the need for help.
This pack worked wonders.
Thank you

 by Chris
The Punctation Pack

Awesome pack that contains great resources. Bright posters to engage students and a range of activities to support learning around using punctuation in their writing. My year 4 students loved fixing the range of paragraphs and were asking for more. Highly recommend.

 by Diane

I'm so glad this pack has punctuation for older level students - eg ellipses, brackets etc which is suitable for many levels.

 by Graham Jeffers
Punctuation pack

I have used this pack at the beginning of writing sessions to reinforce basic skills of punctuation before we explore different types of writing and it has made a significant difference to their ability to punctuation in the children writing.

 by C Holstein

This pack of resources works wonders in the classroom! very Informative and the children loved the colours, really livened up punctuation.

 by Deborah Bradley
Punctuation pack/Instructional writing pack

I found this pack and the instructional writing pack really useful in my secondary science classroom. The punctuation pack was used to enhance our literacy in science walls. The instructional writing pack was used very effectively with our SEN students when we required them to write/plan an investigation. Now looking forward to using the Science vocabulary pack.

Thank you.

 by Marie Tuumaialu
Great Way to consolidate punctuation

I used the posters as a teaching material and glued it in students modelling books so that they could refer to it as many times as they wanted. I also created a game using the cards and my students loved it. I teach 11-13 year olds and they still find it hard to remember punctuation but thans to the posters they didnt need reminding.

 by Laura

Absolutely love this pack, really useful activities to reinforce punctuation with the learners. I like the fact the pack contains visuals the children can stick into their jotters to remind them of the correct punctuation to use.

 by Anne Tarr
Punctuation Pack

I have just made use of the "Punctuation Pack" ebook to help with teaching punctuation to children whose home language is not English. It was well presented and the children loved the pictures and illustrations.

The explanations were good and helped the children to understand each form of punctuation. The punctuation mats have been very useful and children can use them to edit their work.

Thank you.

 by Burnese

Thank you so much for this pack. Simple, clear and quick to use in the classroom and with special groups at different levels. Awesome!

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