The Percentages Pack

Do your children struggle to understand percentages? The Percentages Penguins are here to help! This resource pack includes a full teaching guide, activities resources, independent reference materials and printable display goodies!

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In this Teaching Pack...

  • One Fourteen Page Guide to Percentages - Our handy reference guide can teach your children about all aspects of percentages. The Percentages Penguins explain what percentages are, how to work out percentages of quantities, using percentages with money (in a variety of currencies) and more! Share the PDF pages on a large display for whole class teaching or print them for independent reference and classroom display boards.
  • Thirty What Percentage...? Posters - A collection of colourful grids, charts and photos... Can your children use their percentages knowledge to estimate (or accurately calculate) the answers to the questions? Available in a large poster format and a smaller card format.
  • Three Pages of Percentages Dominoes - A set of printable dominoes showing written and visual representations of different percentages. Can your children use them to play a game of dominoes... or cut them all up and use them for a matching activity?
  • Three Sets of 'Find the Percentage' Problems - Challenge your students to solve each problem using the answers shown on the grid. Includes three sets of questions with answers for teachers!
  • Two Sets of Percentages Follow Me Cards - Give each child in your class a card and ask them to read their question. The child who has the answer to that question reads it, along with the new question on their card. Continue until you have answered every question together! Includes money questions using pounds, euros and dollars.
  • Four 'Price Changes' Activity Sheets - Sets of word problems based on the prices of items in a shop. Can your children use their percentages skills to work out the correct price changes? Includes four different sets of questions which vary in difficulty. Alternative versions are available using pounds, dollars and euros.
  • Twenty-Four 'Converting Percentages and Decimals' Challenges - Printable activity sheets that challenge children to convert percentages to decimals (and vice versa). Includes a range of differentiated pages, with answers for teachers (or for self-checking).
  • Fifty-Four 'Finding Percentages of Amounts' Activity Sheets - A huge collection of activity sheets that ask your children to find percentages of different amounts. A range of printable pages are available, varying in difficulty and including money problems (with pounds, dollars and euros).
  • Two Sets of 'Which is bigger?' Challenges - Ask your children to work out the percentages of each amount in a pair and identify which answer is bigger. For an extra challenge, they could also put all of the answers in the correct order when they have finished!'
  • Three Display Banners - Decorate your classroom walls with our printable goodies.

Watch the video below to view samples of resources from the Percentages Pack.

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The Percentages Pack
Average rating:  
 16 reviews
by snowy on The Percentages Pack
fab fun and visual

I just loved these little penguins, a great visual for all types of learners. Really helpful resource in the progress from fractions to percentage. clear and fun activities. love the follow me cards, a great way to end a lesson. thank you

by Samantha on The Percentages Pack
perfect penguins

We loved this pack, particularly the perfect little penguins. The pack, as with all the others, is so vibrant and well illustrated, that it made learning percentages so much fun. We can't wait to start the next one!

by Diane on The Percentages Pack

Thank you again for another engaging resource. This pack (along with the fractions and decimals packs) has been very useful for my Year 5s trying to get their heads around the triple threat! I especially like the quick reference cards.

by Heather Lear on The Percentages Pack
Just what I needed!

It was great to find a set of resources that enable me to teach percentages in a clear, interesting manner. I loved the visual way of showing the link between fractions, decimals and percentages. The dominoes and follow me cards are a great way to liven up a lesson. The "What percentage?" cards are clear and colourful and great for both displays and as discussion prompts.

by Dawn Chester on The Percentages Pack
Brilliant Percentages Pack!

Such a wonderful resource that is beautifully illustrated! The pack, like all of the others, is an excellent way to commence the topic with any year level as it starts at the beginning of the concept and progressively increases in difficulty to suit all age groups. I love the versatility of each of the packs. To everyone at 'Teaching Packs', thanks for the wonderful resources!

by marie on The Percentages Pack

i used this pack for my interventions i would recommend this it is very helpful and the children loved ir

by Michelle on The Percentages Pack
excellent resource

Children enjoyed using these resources.

by Bella Brosnan on The Percentages Pack
Problems explaining percentages?

Then don't worry because this resource provides a clear step by step approach to explaining what percentages are and how to use them. Very accessible language and up to date examples are colourfully displayed on the posters and the work sheets link clearly to the examples with lots of chances for consolidation. Thanks

by Fiona Mitchell on The Percentages Pack

Teaching percentages can be tricky but this pack is very visual and has excellent resources to help.

by Chris on The Percentages Pack
Fantastic Resource

The Percentages Pack (as with all the packs) are so professionally produced. They are so colourful and easy for the children to understand. Keep up the good work!

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