The Royal Family Pack

Learn about the British Royal Family by downloading our enormous teaching pack. It includes a topic guide, a video, comprehension challenges, activity resources, bunting, banners, posters and much more!

In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 16 Page Royal Family Guide – Learn about the royal family by sharing our PDF / PowerPoint guide with your children. It includes information about members of the British royal family from the past and present.
  • One Royal Family Video Guide – A short overview of the royal family to watch together.
  • Two Video Review Sheets – What did your children learn by watching the Royal Family video guide? Ask them to record their thoughts on this template.
  • One Video Comprehension Sheet – A set of questions based on the video guide in this pack.
  • Three Royal Family KWL Sheets – What do your children know about this subject? What do they want to learn? What have they found out by the end of their topic work?
  • Eight Pages of Royal Family Vocabulary Labels – A collection of useful terms with definitions to discuss and add to your display boards.
  • One Royal Family Glossary – A simple text document with vocabulary and definitions linked to this topic.
  • One Set of Royal Family Useful Sites – If you or your children are looking for further information about the royal family, explore this helpful list of related websites.
  • Two Royal Family Quizzes – A set of quiz questions based on the royal family guide in this pack.
  • One Who’s Who? Activity – Can your children identify the members of the British royal family?
  • Two ‘Queen Elizabeth’s Childhood’ Resources – An overview of the queen’s early life, with a set of related comprehension questions.
  • Two ‘King Charles Biography’ Resources – Learn about the life and achievements of King Charles, and then answer our differentiated comprehension questions.
  • Two ‘Prince William Biography’ Resources – A biography of Prince William to read, with related comprehension questions.
  • One Prince Philip Biography – An overview of the life of Prince Philip.
  • Two ‘Royal Residences’ Resources – Find out about four different royal residences and test your knowledge using the matching comprehension tasks.
  • Eight Queen Elizabeth Biography Templates – A set of writing and drawing templates that your children can use to write a biography of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • One Queen Elizabeth Timeline – Explore this list of the main events in the life of Queen Elizabeth II, then answer the matching questions.
  • One Royal Family Spelling Challenge – Can your students find the spelling mistakes in these sentences about the royal family?
  • Two Queen Elizabeth Cloze Procedure – Challenge your children to put the missing words in the correct places!
  • One Queen Elizabeth Colouring Page – A picture of Queen Elizabeth II for your children to colour and decorate.
  • One King Charles Colouring Page – A picture of King Charles to colour.
  • One Prince William Colouring Page – A colouring page showing Prince William.
  • One ‘Make Your Own Corgi’ Template – Decorate the different parts of this corgi and then join them together using glue or paper fasteners.
  • Twelve Royal Family Colouring Pages – A set of colouring pages based on this topic.
  • Three Royal Themed Writing Paper Templates – Make royal invitations, biographies or reports using this themed paper.
  • One 28 Page Royal Family Image Pack – A large set of pictures and photos to add to your display boards.
  • One Royal Family Word Search – Can your children find the topic vocabulary in this word search?
  • Two Sets of Page Borders – Writing and drawing templates with a crown border.
  • Two Sets of Bunting – Decorate your learning environment with this bunting!
  • Three Display Banners – A set of eye-catching banners to add to your display boards.


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The Royal Family Pack
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Rowan
What an enriching Pack!

This is certainly plenty of information on the Royal Family! It combines elements such as cuteness and fun together very well (especially the Corgis.) The video is very fine, with creativity added to the information exquisitely well. Any class studying the Royal Family will find this very useful and will know everything after their first week and be writing essays about in the third week!

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