The Classroom Essentials Pack - Essential resources to make your classroom an interesting and exciting place to learn!

Are you getting your classroom set up for the start of a new year? Our Classroom Essentials Pack is full of useful resources for teachers everywhere!

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In this Teaching Pack...

  • Eight Maths Reference Sheets - A variety of hundred squares and multiplication squares for children to refer to during Maths lessons.
  • Four Superhero-themed Visual Timetable Resources - Print these resources to make visual timetables for a class display or for individual use. Includes 96 labels covering all kinds of classroom activities!
  • Four Birthday Display Resources - Make a display that celebrates children's birthdays with our banner, display posters and balloon images.
  • Nine Reading Corner Resources - A collection of posters, banners and display labels to use in your reading corner / library.
  • One Animal Noise Monitor - A handy display resource that can be used to indicate your expected level of noise to the class.
  • Two 'Check Your Work' Resources - A poster and set of bookmarks to encourage children to check their work!
  • Twenty-One Class Group Resources - Organise your pupils into different groups with our posters, table signs and cards.
  • Over 100 Printable Page Borders - Sets of page templates (in landscape and portrait orientations) with a variety of different border images. Available with wide lines, narrow lines and also without lines!
  • Twenty-Seven Printable Banners - A large collection of banners to use around different areas of your classroom.

Preview the Resources...

Click on the thumbnails below to view samples of resources from The Classroom Essentials Pack. Don't forget to look at our Classroom Rewards Pack too!

Class Monitors Poster - Teaching Packs Preview Our Class Rules Poster - Teaching Packs Preview Superhero Visual Timetable Resources - Teaching Packs Preview Superhero Visual Timetable Resources - Teaching Packs Preview

Welcome Banner - Teaching Packs Preview Family Noticeboard Banner - Teaching Packs Preview Birthdays Display Resources - Teaching Packs Preview Classroom Group Resources - Teaching Packs Preview

'Teacher Says' Resources - Teaching Packs Preview Animal noise Monitor - Teaching Packs Preview 'Check Your Work' Resources - Teaching Packs Preview Country Group Resources - Teaching Packs Preview

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 15 reviews
A great teaching pack!!

This is a great pack. I am preparing for September and finding lots of useful resources. It has saved a lot of time!Thank you

by Darlene S. Polistico on The Classroom Essentials Pack
WOW! Teaching Packs!

Wow! I never regretted I joined this club of teaching packs users! These packs really provided me all the teaching essentials I ever imagined to use very long time ago as I do not know how to use the Photoshop. Thank you very much, Mark. I can't wait to use these packs in my class one week away! I'm sure my learners will enjoy learning better and never miss any activity everyday.

Love the super hero theme

I'm a new teacher and this pack has saved me so much time. The kids love the super hero theme on our class timetable so much we are using in for our first term class theme.

Thank goodness for this pack!!!

I am a beginning teacher, starting teaching for the first time this year. This pack has been such a valuable resource to be able to set up my classroom quickly and easily. I am looking forward to exploring all the other packs too. Brilliant site - thanks

Essential Pack

I love this pack! It is the start of a new school year and this pack has saved me heaps of time and frustration trying to make resources. Thanks so much.

Thank You!

I absolutely love this classroom essentials pack. I am currently setting up my first classroom and this has saved me loads of time and made me feel so much more prepared. It also reminded me of things I hadn't even thought about using. Thank you!

classroom essentials pack

What a fantastic pack with all sorts of valuable resources. I am excited to make use of this and feel it will be appropriate for various stages I will be teaching in. Thanks so much it will help to brighten up my classroom.


Fantastic pack which is a huge time saver. Not only does it have great classroom labels, resources etc, but they are exciting looking too - essential for man children! Can't thank the Teaching Pack team enough for not only this resource, but all the other ones I have used too!!


This pack is the perfect addition to my new school! Having been in the same school for 9 years, this year it's time for a change and this pack has saved me so much time searching for resources to make just the right impression! Thank you so much Mark and Helen!

Absolutely LOVE it!

Teaching Packs has saved me so much time. They have such amazing resources that would take me so much time, energy and effort to produce myself. They are such a big hit in the classroom too! My teaching life is so much easier with their resources. Thank you!

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