The Climate Change Pack

Learn about climate change, its effects and what we can do to help, with our enormous teaching pack. It includes topic guides, a video introduction, printable activity resources and display materials.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 17 Page Climate Change Guide – Learn about climate change, its impact and what we can do to tackle it, by exploring our topic guides, in PDF and Powerpoint formats.
  • One Climate Change Key Facts – A simpler version of our Climate Change Guide for younger readers.
  • One Climate Change Video Guide – Watch this helpful video guide to learn about climate change and how it affects life on Earth. A transcript of the video’s text is also included.
  • One Climate Change Video Review Sheet – What did your children discover while watching our Climate Change Video? Find out by providing this review template!
  • One Climate Change Video Comprehension Task – A set of questions to review your children’s understanding of our climate change video.
  • One Climate Change Glossary – A helpful overview of words linked to this topic, with their definitions.
  • Ten Pages of Climate Change Vocabulary Labels – A fantastic display resource, providing topic words, definitions and related images.
  • Three Climate Change Vocabulary Challenges – Can your children match the words to their definitions, identify the missing words or write definitions in these challenges?
  • Three Climate Change Texts – Sets of differentiated texts that give information about climate change in the Maldives, renewable energy technologies, and how climate change is affecting sea turtles and coral. Each text also has matching comprehension questions.
  • One Climate Change KWL Sheet – Explore what your children already know, what they want to know and what they have learned before and after your Climate Change topic.
  • Four COP26 Comprehension Tasks – Learn about COP26 (the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference) and test your children’s understanding with our differentiated texts and comprehension questions.
  • Twenty Climate Change Quotes Posters – A collection of quotes with inspiring and thought-provoking messages about climate change.
  • Twenty-Four Climate Change Newspaper Templates – Ask your students to write newspaper articles about different climate change stories based on the photos provided in these templates. A blank template is also provided so your children can draw their own illustrations.
  • Six ‘Write a Climate Speech’ Templates – Can you write a speech about climate change for Greta Thunberg or David Attenborough?
  • Five ‘Design a Climate Poster’ Sheets – Use these templates to design your own climate campaign posters, banners and placards!
  • Two Climate Acrostic Poem Templates – Write an acrostic poem about the climate using our ready-made templates.
  • One Climate Statistics Challenge – Ask your students to answer the questions about the climate using the numbers provided!
  • Eight Climate Change Code Breakers – Crack the code to find the answers to the climate problems.
  • Two Climate Change Anagram Challenges – Can your children unscramble the letters to make words linked to this topic?
  • One Climate Change Word Search – Can your children find the topic words in this word search?
  • Sixteen Climate Change Colouring Pages – A collection of colouring pages with an environmental theme.
  • One Set of Climate Change Page Borders – A collection of drawing and writing templates with a ‘climate change’ border.
  • One Set of Climate Change Bunting – Themed bunting to hang in your learning environment!
  • One Climate Change Banner – A display banner to add to a display board about climate change.

The Climate Change Pack


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The Climate Change Pack
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Christine Mackenzie
Climate change made understandable

I love, love, love this pack! Not an easy subject to teach, though vital, to make it understandable without repeating the same message again and again and risking kids becoming complacent. The activities here are fab and I used them all with my second year ASN pupils to great effect. Thank you.

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