The Tricky Tables Pack

Help your children to learn those tricky times tables with our huge resource pack. It includes interactive Powerpoint presentations and games, printable activity sheets and classroom posters to help your children remember the multiplication facts!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • Twelve ‘Tricky Tables’ Presentations – A collection of timed Powerpoint presentations to review your children’s knowledge of their tricky tables. Each one includes 25 questions, giving children six seconds to answer each question (with a break of three seconds before the next question is revealed). An answer sheet is also included and the answers are shown at the end of each presentation and in a separate document.
  • One ‘Draw It, Write It, Remember It’ Template – An editable Word document that challenges children to use the given multiplication fact in different ways. Can they draw it, write related facts, write a word problem and think of ways of remembering it?
  • Twelve ‘Target Tables’ – Ask your students to complete the targets by multiplying the numbers in each section of the board.
  • Twelve ‘Fact Families’ Sheets – Can your children use the numbers shown in each triangle to make two multiplication facts and two division facts?
  • Six ’99 Times’ Activity Sheets – How quickly can your children answer all 99 multiplication questions on these sheets? Six different sets are available and the answers are included too!
  • Five Times Tables Jigsaws – A set of jigsaws that show different multiplication facts from the six, seven, eight, nine and twelves times tables. Use them for sorting and ordering activities!
  • Five Sets of Tricky Tables Clue Cards – Flashcards that children can use to learn their multiplication tables. They also contain additional clues to help children if they get stuck.
  • Forty-Five Monster Deduction Challenges – This presentation shows different ‘tricky tables’ WITH the answers. Challenge your children to use each fact to work out the answers to a range of related calculations. These include doubling, halving, division, decimals, brackets and more.
  • Ten Tricky Tables Tips Posters – A helpful collection of posters that give children tips and mnemonics to help them remember times tables and individual multiplication facts. Thanks to members of our Facebook group for suggesting some of these.
  • Three ‘Table Detectives’ Games – This multiplayer game challenges children to find the multiplication facts that match the answers on their Detective Cards. Who will find all of their times tables facts first?

The Tricky Tables Pack


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The Tricky Tables Pack
Average rating:  
 4 reviews
 by Anna Treby
Fantastic Resources

Teaching Packs have been a godsend to me to help with one to one teaching during three lockdowns and general teaching of individuals with Specific Learning Difficulties.

 by Cath
Tricky Times

I've got some year 5s who have lost all interest in learning times. I've begun to use some of the tricky times resources and they are once more engaged. Great resource thank you.

 by Rowan
Just what we need!

Terrific! The "Tricky Tables" are a real challenge, and these will be very useful indeed. I especially love the posters!

 by Patrice

Amazing pack. Have mental maths activities for the next few weeks sorted. Just downloaded and printed a few sets of the table detectives ready for my c/a to laminate tomorrow

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