The Sentence Investigators Pack

Review your children’s knowledge of spelling, punctuation, grammar and vocabulary with our HUGE collection of Sentence Investigators challenges! This pack includes editable PowerPoint slides, printable activity sheets, blank templates and a list of suggested questions and prompts.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One Hundred and Twenty Sentence Investigators Slides – An enormous collection of sentences and questions to challenge your children’s English skills! These are available in PDF and PowerPoint formats and include answers!
  • One Hundred and Twenty Sentence Investigators Activity Sheets – Printable worksheets that show the example sentences and related questions / prompts.
  • Three Blank Sentence Investigators Slides – Blank templates that you can use to add your own sentences and questions / prompts.
  • One Page of Sentence Investigators Prompts – A collection of questions and prompts that you can use when your children are investigating their own sentences!
  • One Sentence Investigators Banner – A ready-made banner to use on a display board linked to your sentence investigations!

The Sentence Investigators Pack


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The Sentence Investigators Pack
Average rating:  
 2 reviews
 by Sally Rosner

I have found this pack very useful for my class and have made the slides part of my literacy routine. The kids love it, and even use the sentences as stimulus to create their own short stories.

 by Rowan
Quite good!

This is a very interesting Pack, and looks very useful. I shall certainly use it with my class to help them review and sharpen their sentence skills. I especially like how it has three different versions - looking at this, I would say it could be used for ages six to twelve, so very useful indeed!
I do think it would be nice to emphasise the whole "investigator" theme a bit more. At the moment, this Pack looks rather similar to the Super Sentences Pack. I wonder if it would be possible to help the children be more like Investigators. Some ideas:

* Sprinkling this Pack with more examples of detective or police sentences. For example, in "Activity-SentenceInvestigators-SetC" the sentence "Nico ran across the park, as quick as a fox" could be changed to "The thief ran across the park, as quick as a fox" and "dont look down shouted amari" could be changed to "dont look down shouted the detective".

* Changing instructions to questions. Eg, "Add a new clause to this sentence" could be changed to "Can you add a new clause to this sentence?"

* Adding puzzles to the presentations. For example, can the children find one of the questions they do NOT need to answer. Maybe the sentence is "The children ate all of the biscuits" and one of the questions is "Can you add to the sentence to say who ate all of the biscuits?" and the class could point out that this is the one that has already been done.

* Perhaps one of your lovely Teaching Packs board games, where the detective has to chase down a criminal, solving problem cards along the way?

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