The Country Research Pack

Help your children to find out about a country of their choice with our comprehensive Country Research Pack. It includes a helpful overview guide and a wide range of activities to let them discover different aspects of their chosen country.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 9 Page Country Research Guide – How much do your children know about other countries around the world? This guide helps children to discover different aspects of countries (and the lives of people living in them) and suggested ways to find out this information.
  • Four ‘Country Comparisons’ Sheets – A set of templates that children can use to compare two different countries.
  • Two Country Research Reference Mats – Helpful reference mats (at two levels of complexity) that children can use as prompts when they are finding out about countries around the world.
  • One Country Research Glossary – A set of words and definitions linked to this topic.
  • Seven Pages of Country Research Vocabulary Labels – Add these vocabulary labels to a display board in your learning environment, or use them as discussion prompts during your topic.
  • Eight Country Fact File Templates – A set of differentiated templates that children can use to record information about their chosen country.
  • One ‘My Travel Passport’ – Make a small passport that shows information about your chosen country!
  • Eight Country Flag Templates – Two ready-made flag outlines that your children can decorate in different ways.
  • Four Celebration Invitations – What special celebrations and festivals take place in your children’s chosen country? Record information about them on this template.
  • Two ‘My Travel Phrasebook’ Pages – Make a small booklet that shows the key words and phrases in your country’s official language!
  • Three ‘Language Translations’ Sheets – Open-ended sheets that your children can use to record important phrases in their country’s language.
  • Two ‘My Travel Suitcase’ Pages – What would you pack in your suitcase if you could travel to your chosen country?
  • Two ‘My Holiday Meal’ Sheets – Write about (or draw) a meal that you might enjoy on a trip to the country!
  • Two ‘Traditional Costumes’ Sheets – A set of templates that children can use to draw traditional costumes that might be worn.
  • One ‘View from the Plane’ Task – You are about to land in your destination country. What can you see from the plane’s window?
  • One World Outline Map – A map that children can use to show the location of their chosen country (and how they might travel there).
  • Two Sets of Page Borders – Writing and drawing templates with world map / flags borders.
  • Two Banners – Colourful banners to use on a display board in your classroom.

The Country Research Pack


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The Country Research Pack
Average rating:  
 4 reviews
 by Aurora

I love it! we need to make students aware of our wonderful and diverse world and all these will be a great help.

 by Marianne Garety
Good research pack.

My ASN class of upper primary children are loving this pack. It focuses them in on what they need to learn in a simple and visually clear way. They use it alongside an online programme where they can slot countries and capitals into the correct place on a map. Great for guided as well as independent learning.

 by Gigi
Excellent Research Pack

This Country Research Pack ensures that students cover all aspects of a country research project. Thank you.

 by Rowan

I've been waiting for something like this for ages. Useful in so many different topics!

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