The Writing Prompts Pack

The Writing Prompts Pack contains hundreds of resources, images and activities to inspire and enhance your children's writing!

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In this Teaching Pack...

  • Three Hundred Inspirational Images - Child-friendly pictures of characters, settings and objects that children can include within their writing. Available as full-page posters, smaller printable cards and thumbnail images.
  • One Hundred Surprising Situations - Photos of unusual situations that can be used as the starting point for writing (also available as full-page posters, smaller printable cards and thumbnail images).
  • Thirty-Two Writing Challenges - A set of handy cards with a selection of different writing challenges for your children to try.
  • One Hundred Writing Titles - Choose one of our hundred titles, which cover a range of genres, and use it to create your own writing!
  • One Hundred 'First Lines' - Pick one of the ‘first lines’ and use it to start your own writing. There are one hundred of them!
  • Lots of Teaching Ideas - A pack of suggestions to help you use our writing prompts and resources effectively with your children.

Click on the thumbnails below to view samples of resources from The Writing Prompts Pack.

The Writing Prompts Pack The Writing Prompts Pack The Writing Prompts Pack The Writing Prompts Pack

The Writing Prompts Pack The Writing Prompts Pack The Writing Prompts Pack The Writing Prompts Pack

The Writing Prompts Pack The Writing Prompts Pack The Writing Prompts Pack The Writing Prompts Pack

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 23 reviews
Writing Prompts

I love the wonderfully colored picture prompts that you have included in this packet. They say a picture is worth a thousand words well these pictures get the kids moving and allow them to see details which they can write down and use their imaginations to come up with the story behind the picture. The students love them.

by Trudi-Anne on The Writing Prompts Pack
Love this pack!

I have had great success with this pack. I especially love the surprising situations story prompts and so do my students. I used it all last year for weekly writing sessions with Stage 1, using a picture to stimulate discussion around when, where, who, what, why, how, which questions. The kids were able to come up with fantastic ideas for writing and by the end of the year were excited to write longer and more interesting stories. I used the pictures for assessment tasks also and was surprised by the variety of ideas that were generated across the class. I'm using this pack again this year.

As a casual relief teacher I love this pack to get kids to start writing. I use this lots in the morning to buy me time to plan the rest of my day.

Fantastic adaptable resource

This is a fantastic resource! I've used it very successfully with all abilities. Its particularly good for lower children to help them generate ideas for any kind of writing, but is also excellent for use with independent assessment writing. Children can root through the ideas given, picking one that appeals to them and the writing that follows is fantastic - regardless of ability level. A must have for any classroom of any age.

Wow! Brilliant for target writing sessiosn

These resources are brilliant as prompts for writing in our big write/ target writing sessions. There is a great variety for us to cover different areas each week. This will be a resource I will use again and again. Thank you!

by Nikki McCafferty on The Writing Prompts Pack
Class loved it

I recently used one of your setting pictures with a Primary 1 class to stimulate their story writing on Under the Sea. It helped the children build up a story and their writing was fantastic, will use this resource again and again!! Thank you!!

This is fabulous

I can't believe how much good stuff is in this pack. I can't wait to set up my creative writing pinboard now, and this resource has enough in it to last at least a whole year. I particularly like the Surprising Situations pictures, as I've used these sorts of images very successfully in the past but had to trawl the internet for them.


I've used a lot of the resources in this pack and the children have absolutely loved it, especially the opening sentences. Their favourite activity was trying to make ghost stories out of the funnier openers. Surprising situations was also a favourite. I've mixed and matched some of the resources too, one session they were given a surprising situation, story title and story opener and had to write a short story using all three. It's a great resource, thanks.

Life saver

I have been using Teaching packs for two months now and absolute life saving packs they are. My year 3 class are challenging themselves from this fantastic resource, their vocabulary has taken leaps and bound

Thank you tons for saving me time and giving my classroom such pleasure!!!
Thanks for all your hard work and inspiration for me as a teacher when planning my literacy.

by Ngaira Washbourn-Meyer on The Writing Prompts Pack
what a time saver!!!

Being an older teacher, I am used to having to create my own posters and sentence starters and writing prompts, AND NOW, I can have a weekend and spend the night before school clicking away on my laptop and sending things to the school printer, to be ready for me the next day to collect - thank you for giving me a life, just when the grandies are starting to come along - I LOVE spending the extra time with them!

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