The Play Scripts Pack

Teach your children about plays and the theatre with our play scripts teaching pack! It includes a comprehensive topic guide, example plays to perform and a wide variety of activity and display materials.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 12 Page Play Scripts Guide – A comprehensive guide that you can use to teach your children all about play scripts. It includes script ideas, information about how scripts are formatted, stage directions, performance tips and more.
  • Eight Example Play Scripts – A collection of play scripts that your children can read, analyse, rehearse and perform! Many of them feature individual scenes from a longer play, so your children could write their own scenes to show what comes before and after!
  • Five Play Scripts Writing Templates – A collection of differentiated templates that your children can use to write their own play scripts!
  • Two Play Scripts Checklists – Handy lists that children can refer to while writing their own play scripts. Have they included all of the relevant features?
  • Fifty Play Scripts Ideas – Ideas that your children can use as a starting point for their own plays. These are available as a list or on individual cards.
  • Thirty Play Scripts Ideas Posters – A large set of pictures that children can use to gather ideas for their play scripts. What characters, costumes, props, settings and story ideas could they use?
  • Three Play Scripts Ideas Templates – A selection of thumbnail images and writing templates on which children can collect ideas for their own play scripts.
  • One 28 Page Play Scripts Image Pack – A collection of photos and illustrations that you can use as the starting point for discussions about play scripts, the theatre and movie making. They’re also perfect for displaying in your learning environment!
  • One ‘Label the Play Script’ Activity – Can your children label the different parts of this playscript? Available at two different levels of difficulty.
  • Seven Make-Up Design Printables – Ask your children to design theatre make-up for these actors and actresses!
  • Two Costume Design Templates – A set of simple body outline images that your children can use to create costumes for performances in a play or movie!
  • Fourteen ‘Famous Playwrights’ Posters – Posters that give information about playwrights throughout history.
  • Two Play Scripts Word Searches – Can your children find the theatre-based words in these differentiated word searches?
  • Four Collections of Page Borders – A collection of page templates that your children can use for writing and drawing linked to this topic.
  • Three Sets of Bunting – Hang this bunting when your children are making their own play scripts and movies!
  • Three Banners – Display banners to use on your boards!

The Play Scripts Pack


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The Play Scripts Pack
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Rowan
Terrific stuff!

As usual, this one exceeds my expectations. Not only is there everything that any teacher doing playscripts with their class could want, there is so much more! As usual, the image selection, THE GUIDE and the practice worksheets are all present, and such high quality! The sample scripts are broad and diverse, the page borders and bunting are a delightful bonus, and it also has exciting material about performing your plays and the history of great playwrights.
The next time I teach playscripts in English - or am involved in any kind of dramatic work, or have the children write a script for any other topic - I shall have this to use. Wonderful!

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