The Hunting for Homophones Display Pack

Make a homophones display to help your children remember the spelling of a large collection of homophones! It also includes interactive features and activities.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • Thirty Homophones Posters – Thirty posters that show sets of homophones with related images and example sentences.
  • One Homophones Blank Template – A blank template on which your children can add their own examples of homophones, with related pictures and sentences that include the words.
  • Six Homophones Detective Posters – A collection of detective characters to add to your display!
  • Two Homophones Speech Bubbles – Printable speech bubbles to add alongside the detective characters in this pack.
  • One Homophone Recording Sheet – Can your children find other examples of homophones and add them to this sheet?
  • One Set of Magnifying Glasses – Add these illustrations of magnifying glasses to your display
  • Two Banners – Two banners to add to the top of your display board.

The preview image below shows what your display board could look like using these resources…

The Hunting for Homophones Display Pack


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The Hunting for Homophones Display Pack
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Rowan
Smart and funny!

A lovely little display - a clever idea to make it about a detective. Good interaction with charts for children to fill in. Clever use of a not-much-noticed resource from the Bonus Pack, taking it and giving teachers a way to bring it out and make great use of it!

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