The Ancient Greece Pack

Explore the wonders of Ancient Greece with our enormous teaching resource pack! Includes a child-friendly eBook with a glossary of related words, along with plenty of classroom activity and display resources.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 84 Page Guide to Ancient Greece – A HUGE eBook that your children can use to learn about different aspects of life in Ancient Greece. Includes sections about the Minoans and the Mycenaeans, Athens, Sparta, Pottery, Warfare, Food and Drink, Family Life, Medicine, Entertainment, the Olympics and more! Also includes a comprehensive glossary!
  • Two Ancient Greece Quizzes – Review your children’s knowledge of Ancient Greece by using this quiz. It’s available as two printable quiz sheets or as an interactive PowerPoint presentation.
  • Eighteen Famous Greeks Posters – Information about famous and important people from Ancient Greece and the surrounding areas. Use these posters on a classroom display board or as a shared reading resource with your children.
  • One Ancient Greece Timeline – A set of cards showing forty different events in the history of Ancient Greece. Use them for sorting, as the starting point for further research or on a display board in your classroom!
  • One Ancient Greece Word Mat – A handy printable mat that includes a selection of words linked to Ancient Greece.
  • One Gods and Goddesses Mat – Help your children to remember some of the main gods and goddesses using this printable reference mat.
  • Eight Mythological Creatures – A set of posters with images and information about different creatures that can be found in Greek myths, including the Cyclops, Medusa, Pegasus and more!
  • One Ancient Greece Image Pack – Printable posters that show fifteen images related to Ancient Greece. They’re perfect for classroom displays and group discussion activities!
  • Four Greek Myth Comic Strips – A collection of comic strips that retell Greek Myths. These are available with and without images (so that your children can add their own) and they can be used for storytelling and sequencing activities!
  • One ‘Athens and Sparta Differences’ Activity – Twenty statements about Ancient Greece that your children can sort. Which ones refer to Athens and which ones refer to Sparta?
  • One ‘Decorate a Greek Pot’ Activity – An outline of a Greek pot that your children can decorate. A selection of photos of Greek pots are also available that your class can use for ideas and inspiration!
  • Three Sets of Mosaic Paper – A set of printable templates that your children can use to create their own mosaic images!
  • Two Ancient Greece Crosswords – Two crosswords (at different levels of difficulty) that your children can use to review their knowledge of Ancient Greece vocabulary.
  • Two Ancient Greece Wordsearches – Two word searches that challenge your children to find a range of Greek words!
  • Five Display Banners – A collection of printable banners to add to your classroom display boards.

Ancient Greece Teaching Pack


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The Ancient Greece Pack
Average rating:  
 14 reviews
 by Keith Burke
Ancient Greeks

A brilliantly researched and appropriately targeted resource. The beauty is there is always something to find that is relevant and useful whichever part of Ancient Greeks you are looking at.

 by Rebeca

Fun-tastic resource! I used it with my students last year and they really liked it. The variety of activities and exercises included in this pack is very motivational and engaging. It is so comprehensive that it allows you to work on different areas and topics - I didn't have time to cover them all! I highly recommend it!

 by Catherine
Ancient Greece

Wonderful resource to dive into the history of Ancient Greece.
Marvellous posters which created vibrant and informative displays.
The pack contained a range of resources that could be dipped into and used efficiently and effectively. Thank you. I have used your packs for years.

 by Denise
Fantastic Resource

We are still only halfway through this wonderful resource. My grandson, whom I home Ed, finds concentration and work so difficult, but this has really engaged him.

 by Sarah
Fantastic reaources

Thank you for creating such a fun and engaging pack. We home educate our daughter and she chooses her own topics, which is why teaching packs is so great for us as almost everything is covered. With the fantastic Ancient Greece pack we were able to dip in to various aspects of the topic using games and fun activities to keep her interest. There’s so much useful information in this pack, we especially loved the glossary which in itself generated much discussion. Thank you!

 by Gill
Ancient Greece

Congratulations to the team that make Teaching Packs such a relevant and up-to-date resource. This pack is seriously invaluable to all of us tackling the Ancient Greeks this term. The new Knowledge Organiser, the links to other sites and resources, videos and book suggestions - this really is a most comprehensive addition, I have not seen another set of resources as superb as this one. Thank you - I'm sure many others will find this as helpful as I have. Keep up the good work - we need you!

 by Angela Poulton
Great resource

The book was an excellent resource as I picked out different pages as we needed then and made the working wall display grow as the weeks went by.

 by Gill
Ancient Greece

A shout out for one of my favourites! A super and really practical resource - cannot recommend it highly enough.
Personally I find the glossary, comparison cards for Sparta and Athens and the e-book really useful, but there is so much material that is easily accessible to all groups.
Thank you!

 by Andrea
Ancient Greece and many others!

I home-school my 9 yo. We love this pack - and many others - as they are exciting and interesting to read and digest.The activities included are fun to do and help keep my son focused. Thank you so much.

 by Scott Roche
Ancient Greek pack

A really useful pack for our Year 2 Ancient Greek project. The children loved investigating all of the information about how the Greeks lived thousands of years ago and the creature profiles were great for descriptive writing and were also included in our Greek myth story writing. Lots of other useful activities for art and early morning work. Thanks

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