The Nouns Pack

Teach your children about nouns with this bumper pack of differentiated activities, worksheets, posters and reference mats. A comprehensive topic guide, which can be used as a teaching tool or as part of your display boards, is also included!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 12-Page Nouns Guide – Learn about the different kinds of nouns, including concrete nouns, abstract nouns, proper nouns, collective nouns, possessive nouns and more! Available as a PDF and an editable PowerPoint presentation.
  • Two Nouns Reference Posters – A helpful sheet that gives an overview of the different types of nouns. Use it on a display board or let children have access during their English lessons.
  • One Nouns Reference Table – A useful table that shows examples of nouns sorted into groups.
  • Two Nouns Vocabulary Mats – Two differentiated sheets that give examples of different nouns.
  • Two ‘Find the Nouns’ Sheets – Can your children find the nouns in these sentences?
  • Two ‘Noun Hunt’ Tasks – Look for the nouns in these jumbled grids!
  • Twelve ‘Noun Spotting 1’ Activities – Look at the illustrations and make a list of nouns that could name some of the items shown.
  • Three ‘Nouns Spotting 2’ Activities – Look at the photos and think of examples of proper nouns, concrete nouns, collective nouns (and others) that are shown.
  • Two ‘Sort the Nouns’ Challenges – Sort the nouns into different groups on the table provided.
  • Two ‘Improve the Nouns’ Pages – Read the sentences provided and change some of the nouns. How do your alternatives change or improve the sentences?
  • Two ‘Make a Sentence’ Sheets – Create interesting, exciting or amusing sentences that include the nouns shown!
  • One ‘Concrete Nouns’ Activity – Make a list of things you might be able to see, touch, hear, smell or taste in the photos.
  • One ‘Abstract Nouns’ Task – Use the bank of abstract nouns to complete the sentences correctly.
  • Two ‘Concrete or Abstract Nouns?’ Challenges – Are the nouns shown concrete or abstract? Can you use them in a sentence?
  • One ‘Collective Nouns’ Activity – Match the collective nouns to the group that it describes.
  • One Collective Nouns Poster – A helpful poster to teach your children about collective nouns.
  • Two ‘Add the Pronouns’ Pages – Replace the repeated nouns in these sentences with the correct pronouns.
  • Two Display Banners – Banners to use on your English display boards.

The Nouns Pack


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The Nouns Pack
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
 by Sally James
Answers on sheet

Hi, The concrete and abstract sheets have the answer on them already? Is this a mistake?


Thanks for spotting this mistake, Sally. I have just updated the pack and sent a copy of the resource to your email address.

 by Esther
Great resources

This pack has all that I need to revise nouns with my class this month. The guide is beautifully laid out like the resources. It provides differentiated resources for my pupils which is invaluable. Love them, thanks Mark!

 by Rowan
Good stuff!

What a nice Pack! If you're teaching nouns, this is certainly what you need. Good, solid resources that cover the topic well. I especially like the Noun Spotting and Noun Hunt activities.

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