The Rounding Numbers Pack

Improve your children’s rounding skills with our enormous Maths resource pack! It includes a full topic guide, activity sheets, interactive tasks and display materials.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 12 Page Rounding Numbers Guide – A comprehensive guide that can be used to introduce your children to rounding numbers in different ways. Also includes information about rounding amounts of money (in pounds, dollars and euros) and solving problems.
  • Six ‘Rounding Grids’ Sheets – Can your children complete these grids and round numbers to the nearest ten, hundred, thousand, whole number, tenth and hundredth?
  • Five Rapid Rounding – How quickly can your children round the thirty numbers on each of these activity sheets? Available at five different levels of difficulty.
  • Three ‘Animal Rounding’ Challenges – A selection of rounding tasks based on statistics related to different animals. Available at a variety of difficulty levels.
  • Eight Sets of Rounding Matching Cards – Cut out the cards and match the numbers with their nearest ten, hundred, whole number and tenth!
  • Four ‘Conditional Colouring’ Activities – A set of Excel sheets with hidden pictures. When your children round the numbers correctly, the images will magically appear!
  • One Rounding Races Game – Who will reach the UFO first in this rounding game? Five different sets of question cards are included, so you can choose the correct difficulty level for your children.
  • Four ‘Ultimate Rounding Challenges’ – A more complex rounding activity for older students. Can they round the numbers (with up to six digits) to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, 10000 and 100000? Additional versions with decimal numbers are also included.
  • ThreeRounding Prices’ Sheets – Can your children round the prices of these items? These activity sheets are available at three different levels of difficulty, in pounds, euros and dollars.
  • Sixteen Rounding Challenge Ideas – A set of different tasks that children can try to practise their rounding skills!
  • Two Display Banners – Colourful banners to add to display boards about rounding numbers!

The Rounding Numbers Pack


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The Rounding Numbers Pack
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Rowan
Splendid stuff!

As usual, goes above and beyond. Not just the standard stuff on rounding - the powerpoints, the exercises, the differentiated work with answers - but all of the highest quality.
The funny little creatures make great accompaniments, the Guide (for Euros, Pounds and Dollars) explains every aspect of rounding beautifully clearly, and there are some terrific activities. The "Spot the Mistakes" is a very good idea, the Challenges are even better than usual (lovely ideas for homework or class inquiry projects) and the differentiated Game Cards are great fun.
But my favourite activity is the (differentiated) Conditional Colouring excel files. What a terrific idea - fill in the answers and a picture magically appears! I played this with my class today, and they loved it. Great job!

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