The Men's Euro Pack

Celebrate the European Football Championship with our Men’s Euro resources! This pack includes a topic guide, a video guide, comprehension resources, activity sheets, display materials and more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 7 Page Men’s Euro Guide – An introduction to the Euro championship that includes information about the history of the event, the 2024 tournament and football facts and statistics!
  • One Men’s Euro Video Guide – A short video that gives your children a simple overview of the Euro 2024 competition.
  • One Men’s Euro Text – A single-page version of the guide that children can read.
  • One Set of Comprehension Questions – A set of comprehension questions based on the text in this pack.
  • Two Quizzes – Review your knowledge of the information in the Men’s Euro guide with these quizzes!
  • Five Men’s Euro ‘Identify, Describe, Infer’ Sheets – A set of comprehension resources that ask your children to examine football-themed images carefully. Each image is accompanied by questions that ask students to identify aspects of it, describe different parts and infer information about it.
  • Eight Picture Word Banks – Challenge your children to think of nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs based on these inspiring images. Then use those words to write sentences or paragraphs about them!
  • Ten Writing Prompts – A selection of story starters and writing activities with a football theme!
  • Two ‘Soccer Statistics’ Activities – Can your children match the correct numbers to the statements shown? This activity is available at two levels of difficulty.
  • One ‘Stadium Stats’ Activity Sheet – A set of Maths questions and problems based on the seating capacities of the stadia that are hosting games in the Euro 2024 championship.
  • Six Football Design Challenges – Can your children design an official ball, mascot or ticket for the next football tournament?
  • Five Puzzles – A selection of puzzles with a football theme!
  • One Euro 2024 Word Search – Can your children find all of the teams participating in the event?
  • One Euro 2024 Sweepstake Poster – Which team do you think will win the Euro 2024 competition? Make your predictions on this handy chart!
  • Two Sets of Football Page Borders – A set of writing and drawing templates with a football theme!
  • Three Sets of Football Bunting – Celebrate football events by hanging this bunting in your learning environment!
  • Two Banners – Football-themed banners to add to your display boards!

The Men's Euro Pack


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The Men's Euro Pack
Average rating:  
 2 reviews
 by Rowan
Very good!

As a rather unsporty person myself, I'm very grateful to have this so I can talk to my class about football. Lovely video, great resources. Very useful!

 by Grant
Come on England!

Mark, you are a legend! Another wonderfully timed themed resource. Packed full of data, history, human interest and fun facts. Teaching Packs did it again. Thank you so much.

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