The Poetry Pack

Help your children to read and write poetry with our downloadable teaching pack. Includes a full topic guide, accompanying activity resources and display materials to enhance the learning environment.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • A Fourteen Page Topic Guide – Share our comprehensive poetry guide with your class on an interactive whiteboard or print it for shared reading and independent reference! Includes information about the different types of poetry, the features of a poem, rhyming, vocabulary, personification, writing poetry and poetry performances!
  • Ten ‘Types of Poems’ Posters – A set of posters that give information about (and examples of) different types of poetry that your children may encounter.
  • One HUGE Poetry Collection – Forty different poems to read, share and enjoy with your children. Includes nursery rhymes, cinquains, limericks, sonnets, alphabet poems, haiku, narrative poetry and more!
  • Ten Poems to Perform – A set of poems (which vary in length and reading difficulty) that your children can remember, rehearse and perform to an audience.
  • One Set of Poetry Performance Tips – A printable checklist of ideas that children can use to improve their poetry performances!
  • Ten Pages of Poetry Vocabulary Labels – A huge set of labels that include definitions for different ‘poetry’ words, with a related example / image.
  • Six Poetry Planning Templates – A variety of templates that children can use to gather ideas for their poems before they begin the writing process.
  • Two Poetry Checklists – Checklists that children can refer to as they plan and write their own poems.
  • Eight Vocabulary Mats – Collections of nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs that your children can use during their writing. Each set of words is available at two levels of difficulty.

The Poetry Pack

  • One Poetry Glossary – A list of words linked to poetry with definitions. A handy reference resource for teachers and children!
  • Two Pages of Poetry Questions – A collection of questions that can be used during your discussions about particular poems.
  • Ten Pages of Poetry Question Labels – A set of question prompts to add to the poetry displays in your classroom.
  • Forty Shape Poem Outlines – A collection of forty outline images that can be used to create your own shape poems.
  • Six Pages of Rhyming Words – A collection of fifty jumbled words (available on small and large printable cards). Can your children sort them into groups of rhyming words?
  • Four Pages of ‘Syllables Sorting’ Cards – Challenge your children to sort the jumbled mix of one, two, three, four and five syllable words on these sheets!
  • Eighty Poetry Prompts – A set of images that can be used as prompts for your children’s poetry writing. Available with narrow and wider lines.
  • Eighty Poetry Prompt Planners – A collection of planning templates to help your children record vocabulary and phrases to use in their poetry. Each template is accompanied by one of eighty images.
  • Four Display Banners – A set of printable banners to add to your Poetry display boards.

Watch the video below to view samples of resources from the Poetry Pack.


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The Poetry Pack
Average rating:  
 19 reviews
 by Maria Gill

Amazing resource, this pack covers everything we are looking at with poetry in our year 2. The performance poetry pack is outstanding with a poem for every possible reading ability. The children have had a terrific time with the poems.

 by Gerry
Excellent Resource

This was so useful with my mixed age KS2 class.
The choice of poems was varied and very suitable for the age. Thanks

 by Angela

Fantastic for my multistaged group.
Colours language made it engaging and easy to understand.

 by Fiona
Diverse resource

With everything from banners, cover pages and definitions to examples, checklists, performance tips and rhyming words this is an excellent resource! I love having the examples of various poems to give the students exemplars of the types they are writing, plus they make a great centrepiece to the students examples within the classroom. Excellent resource and a brilliant website! Thank you.

 by Colette Johnston
Amazing variety

This is an incredible pack with an enormous variety of resources. For my own pupils, I particularly liked the rhyming word activities which they could do in pairs and groups. Also really useful are the poetry prompt questions which are ideal as a starter and for some more reluctant poetry readers!

 by Laurene Smith
Poetry Pack

A fantastic pack for my mixed ability class. This pack helped them easily to understand the different types of poetry. Thanks!

 by Jane
Poetry Pack

Once again, another fabulous pack to enhance classroom learning. Well done Teaching Packs!

 by Rachel

A useful resource! Especially like the poems to perform items and the huge amount of resources in the poetry prompt planners - great visuals to get kids thinking!

 by Mary Ann
Brilliant Resources

This pack was a life saver this week. I am a student teacher and would never have had the time to source all of this for my working wall. It has a bit of everything and is very well thought out.

 by Tami Wylie
Pleasing Poetry

This pack was brilliant! It is attention grabbing and my children really enjoyed using it. The explanations and examples were very clear. It was easily accessible by all the children regardless of ability.

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