The New Zealand Pack

Download this enormous pack of New Zealand resources and explore the country with your children. It includes topic guides (in PDF, PowerPoint and video formats), fact files, comprehension tasks, quizzes, cloze procedures, reference mats, vocabulary labels, display resources and more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 19-Page New Zealand Guide – Learn about New Zealand and its history, people, animals, plants, food and traditions! This comprehensive guide is available in PDF and PowerPoint formats.
  • One Video Guide – A video that gives a fantastic introduction to your topic!
  • One Video Comprehension Task – Test your children’s knowledge of the information in the video guide.
  • One Video Review Sheet – Ask your students to use this template to make notes while they watch the video guide in this pack.
  • Seven Pages of Vocabulary Labels – A set of helpful labels that can be used on a display or as the starting point for discussions with your children.
  • One New Zealand Glossary – A glossary of useful terms linked to this topic.
  • Three New Zealand KWL Sheets – What do your children already know about New Zealand? What would they like to learn?
  • Two New Zealand Quizzes – A handy quiz which is available as a printable sheet and an interactive PowerPoint presentation.
  • Two New Zealand Fact Files – Differentiated reference sheets giving information about the country.
  • Two Sets of Fact File Quiz Questions – A set of questions to test your children’s knowledge of the information on the fact files.
  • One ‘Regions of New Zealand’ Map Activity – Can your children label the different regions of New Zealand?
  • One Moeraki Boulders Cloze Procedure – Try this fun English activity about the Moeraki Boulders.
  • One Pohutuand Whakarewarewa Cloze Procedure – Can your children fit the missing words into the correct spaces?
  • One Sky Tower Comprehension – Learn about the Sky Tower by reading this text and answering the related questions.
  • One The Beehive Comprehension – A comprehension text about the Beehive in Wellington.
  • One Landmarks Word Scramble – Challenge your students to identify the names of some key landmarks in New Zealand.
  • One 18-Page New Zealand Landmarks Image Pack – A collection of high quality photos with information about different landmarks.
  • Three New Zealand ‘I Spy’ Pages – A simple counting activity for younger students. How many New Zealand animals can they count on each sheet?
  • One 24-Page Animals Image Pack – A large collection of posters to teach your children about animals that can be found in New Zealand.
  • One New Zealand Animals Mat – A helpful reference mat showing different animals from the country.
  • One Animals Matching Activity – Cut out the squares and match them together again!
  • One Animals Word Search – Challenge your students to find the names of the animals in this word search!
  • One Animals Word Scramble – Rearrange the letters to find the names of the animals!
  • Twenty-Six Animal Research Templates – Use these helpful writing templates (with wide and narrow lines) to record information about different animals.
  • Four New Zealand Comic Strips – Read these traditional stories and create the illustrations to accompany each part!
  • One New Zealand Crossword – Use your knowledge of New Zealand to answer the clues and complete the crossword!
  • Sixteen New Zealand Colouring Pages – A large collection of colouring pages linked to this topic.
  • One Set of Page Borders – A set of helpful writing / drawing templates with borders that show the New Zealand flag.
  • Three Sets of Bunting – Sets of eye-catching bunting to hang in your classroom!
  • Two New Zealand Banners – Make a display board about New Zealand and use one of these ready-to-print banners!

The New Zealand Pack


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The New Zealand Pack
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
 by Cheryl
New Zealand Pack

As a New Zealander, I believe that you got most things correct. But could you please make the banner read AOTEAROA NEW ZEALAND as that is what Kiwis refer to the country as. Very pleased to see that you have included New Zealand in your packs.

Thanks for your review, Cheryl. I have just updated those banners based on your suggestion.

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