The Microorganisms Pack

Explore the wonderful world of microorganisms with our handy resource pack! It includes a teaching guide, vocabulary resources, printable activities and a variety of display materials.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 10 Page Microorganisms Guide – A PDF / Powerpoint guide that you can use to teach your children about microorganisms. It includes information about bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae and more! Display the file on a large display or print it for use as a display or reference resource!
  • Thirty-Six Microorganisms Vocabulary Labels – A set of 36 vocabulary labels showing words linked to this topic, along with related images and definitions. Use them as a starting point during your lessons or on a display board in your room!
  • Two ‘Microorganisms Vocabulary Match’ Resources – Can your children match these topic words with their definitions? Available at two different levels of difficulty and answers are provided for both.
  • Two ‘History of Microbiology’ Texts – Two differentiated texts that give an overview of the history of microbiology. Use them for whole class teaching, shared / guided reading or independent reference / research.
  • Two ‘History of Microbiology’ Cloze Activities – Can your children complete the missing words in these texts? Available at two different levels of difficulty.
  • Four Louis Pasteur Comprehension Texts – A set of comprehension texts about Louis Pasteur’s life and achievements with a range of comprehension questions. Available at four different levels of difficulty.
  • One Set of ‘Helpful and Harmful Microorganisms’ Cards – These cards show sixteen different types of microorganisms with matching images and descriptions. Use them to show children how different types of microorganisms can help us and others can harm us.
  • One ‘Helpful and Harmful Microorganisms Jumble’ Activity – A mixed up version of our microorganisms cards. Can your children sort them and work out which ones are helpful and which ones are harmful? Do some types of microorganism appear in both sets?
  • Twenty Microorganisms Facts – A collection of facts about microorganisms. Use them on your classroom display boards or as the starting point for discussions about the topic. Blank templates are also available so that your children can add their own facts.
  • One 25 Page Microorganisms Image Pack – A collection of 25 images that you can use as the starting point for discussions about microorganisms. They’re also fantastic classroom display materials!
  • One Set of Microorganisms Follow Me Cards – Cut out these cards, jumble them up and then distribute them amongst the children in your class. Can they work together to match the questions with the answers?
  • Six ‘How to Wash Your Hands’ Posters – Teach your children how to wash their hands effectively with these handy posters.
  • Three ‘How to Wash Your Hands’ Instruction Templates – A set of templates on which your children can write instructions to teach others how to wash their hands effectively.
  • One Set of ‘How to Wash Your Hands’ Sequencing Cards – Can your children cut out these cards and put them into the correct order? You could also separate the text and images and ask children to match them back together again.
  • One Microorganisms Banner – A banner to add to your display boards when your children are learning about microorganisms.
  • One Set of Microorganisms Bunting – Hang this bunting in your classroom when your children are learning about microorganisms!

The Microorganisms Pack


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The Microorganisms Pack
Average rating:  
 2 reviews
 by Kathryn
Great pack

Thank you for creating this pack. As part of one of our inquiry units the children investigate different microorganisms. I have used your information sheets to support this inquiry for the last two years.

 by Rowan

What a nice surprise! It's lovely to log in and find something new added to the teaching packs collection. This microorganisms pack is a most useful resource. The images used in this pack are crisp and striking, and the explanations, facts and vocabulary matches are most useful resources.

It might have been nice to broaden the scope a little - I know this is a minipack, but the focus is a little too much on vocabulary. One or two extra resources - in place of the "how to wash your hands" resources, which seem out of place - on famous people would have been good; just a few pictures and captions of Jenner, Leuwenhoek and Pasteur, for example, or a timeline to assemble. (Edited to add - oh yes, I see there are some good historical pictures in the Images file! Well done. However, it would still be good to have an activity for the children to do).

On the whole, then, this is very nice, with beautifully made images that the children will be fascinated by! I also really like the vocabulary matchers and the follow-me cards.

Thanks for your lovely review Rowan. Based on your suggestions, we have just added some 'Timeline of Microbiology' resources and comprehension texts about Louis Pasteur to this pack. We hope that you like them!

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