The Area and Perimeter Pack

Help your children to learn about the area and perimeter of shapes with our bumper resource pack. Includes a variety of classroom teaching, display and activity resources to introduce the topic to your children and then extend their knowledge and skills!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One Fifteen Page Guide to Area and Perimeter – A comprehensive guide to the topic that you can use for whole class teaching purposes. This document could also be printed for independent research / reference or for use on your classroom displays.
  • Eighty Area and Perimeter Challenges – A huge collection of challenge cards to help your children review their area and perimeter skills!
  • Ten ‘Calculate the Area’ Challenges – Can your children work out the area of these shapes. Includes a variety of shapes (at different levels of difficulty) including rectangles, triangles, compound shapes, parallelograms and more. Answers are also included.
  • Twelve ‘Calculate the Perimeter’ Challenges – Give your children a chance to work out the perimeters of these shapes (including rectangles, triangles and more). Also includes answers for teachers and self-checking.
  • Ten ‘Calculate the Area and Perimeter’ Challenges – Ask your students to work out the area and perimeter of these shapes. Available with different shapes and a variety of difficulty levels, with answers for teachers and self-checking.
  • Ten ‘Farmer’s Field’ Investigations – Challenge your children to design new fields for the farmer that have a specific area or perimeter. Ten variations are available (at different levels of difficulty) with squared paper templates to use for working out the solutions.
  • Two Playground Plans – Can your children calculate the area and perimeter of each piece of playground equipment? Two different playground plans are included (with squares / rectangles or compound shapes) and a blank version is also available so your children can design their own!
  • Five Mechanical Maths Challenges – Ask your pupils to calculate the area and perimeter of each body part on these robots! A blank version is also included so that they can design their own.
  • Fifteen ‘When do we use Area and Perimeter?’ Posters – A set of fifteen posters that give examples of people using area and perimeter outside of the classroom. Can your children think of any more?
  • Two Area and Perimeter Posters – Two handy posters to help your children remember the difference between the area and the perimeter of a shape.
  • Five Area and Perimeter Display Banners – A set of eye-catching banners to add to the Maths display boards in your classroom.

The Area and Perimeter Pack


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The Area and Perimeter Pack
Average rating:  
 26 reviews
 by Leonie Allum
Area and Perimeter

Great resource. Simple explanation of concept, supporting pictures and the activities are fun. Thank you

 by mary

Looking forward to using these resources as a relief teacher this week (the "When do we use?" and the robot activity). Love your work!

 by Zuriette du Plessis
Area and Perimeter

I love the creativity supporting the information helping students understand the concepts. The pack has lovely posters used as reference for students while working on skills. The variety of the resources are great. Thank you.

 by Lynn Johnson
Super Helpful

It is difficult to teach area and perimeter to third graders who might not be fluent in multiplication yet. This pack was helpful with the way these concepts were explained with useful pictures to explain and show what was going on.

 by Gemma Saville
Great resource for ALN

Yet again another amazing resource pack! Suited my class off autistic learners who are ks3 but working at ks2 level.

 by Donna
Very versatile pack

This pack was really helpful during both lockdowns and teaching in the classroom. It is varied enough that the learning and activities can be adapted for students of various levels. It both supported those who needed support and provided challenges for those who were ready.

 by Margareth Bittencourt
Area and Perimeter

I have been using this pack since 2017. The students love this pack. When I prepare the English classes I usually work with my friend Teacher Theresa who gives Art and Geometry classes. The pack helps children a lot, because sometimes they have difficulty in visualize and when they see the examples and the design of the activities, it is much easier.
I usually work with fourth and fifth degrees.

 by L Baxter

While some good resources no details of age group or stages and the search tool does not help either for this or any other products.

Thanks for your review 'L'. We try to include a range of resources in each pack so that there is something for a wide range of age groups and ability levels. You can then choose the resources that are most appropriate for your children. We can certainly think of ways of highlighting age levels more clearly within the packs though.

 by Dusty
Great for Sped Courses

I used this pack last year with my class of mostly inter-related students. It was fabulous for the visual learners and for having options to meet various need levels within the class. I was so glad to find teaching packs as a resource since my other resources are at the high school level and not useful for students with special needs. Thank you so much for your work to make math educational and fun at the same time!

 by pam owens
area and perimeter aln/sen learners

I have used this pack for 2 years now and the pupils love the fact that I can enlarge the sheets and they can put all the information and answers on each shape.
All the resources are easy to use, the designs are perfectly pitched at the learners' ability with plenty of space to add other information and the teaching methods.
Fantastic resources.

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