The Persuasive Writing Pack

The Persuasive Writing Pack offers teaching resources, activity sheets and display materials to help children to develop their persuasive writing skills.

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • Eleven Persuasive Writing Posters – Use these posters as a guide for teaching children about the features of persuasive writing. Display them on your interactive whiteboard or print them for use on a display!
  • Four Examples of Persuasive Writing – Different examples of persuasive writing to share with your class. Can they find the persuasive features? Could they improve them?
  • Three Persuasive Writing Planners – Templates, at three different levels of differentiation, to help children plan their writing. These can be printed or children could edit them in word processing software.
  • Two Persuasive Words and Phrases Resources – A large collection of relevant words and phrases that children can use in their work, printed on word mats and on display labels so you can use them in lots of different ways!
  • Two Connectives Resources – A ‘connectives mat’ that children can use to find appropriate connectives for their persuasive writing, along with a collection of labels to put on display.
  • Forty-Five Persuasive Situations Resources – Different situations that ask children to think of related persuasive arguments (e.g. Should school uniforms be banned? Should children have to pay to use playground equipment?). These resources are available as posters and activity sheets (with and without lines for children to write on).
  • Fifteen Advertising Posters – Challenge your pupils to advertise the images shown on our posters. What words / phrases / slogans would they use to persuade others to buy the items shown? Also available as small cards for individual use.
  • Three Writing Checklists – Give children opportunities to review their persuasive writing and their adverts with our handy checklists.
  • Three For and Against Signs – Table signs and cards that can be used during class debates to let children show their point of view quickly and easily.
  • Four Persuasive Writing / Advertising Banners – Decorate class displays with these eye-catching banners.

The Persuasive Writing Pack


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The Persuasive Writing Pack
Average rating:  
 55 reviews
 by Dinah
Persuasive pack

Found the checklists extremely helpful and the FOR and AGAINST activity pages were current issues that children were able to connect with.

 by DM
Persuasive Writing Pack

The checklists and photo prompts were especially helpful.

 by Michelle
Persuassive writing pack

Found this pack extremely useful when teaching writing genres. Everything included from wall displays, check lists, appropriate vocabulary, examples and outlines. Made planning and teaching a whole lot easier! Kids felt more inspired and produced super writing after having used the resources which suited all abilities. Happy teacher!

 by Colin Gallagher
The Necessary Ingredients

Without doubt, this is probably one of my favorite resources that I have used. Why? It provides all the building blocks that is needed to help children deconstruct a persuasive text and become familiar with the key features. The resources are class and well thought out. If you actually take a good look through Teaching. Packs, you will sit back and nod your head and say 'Yes it is Christmas - this is going to make my life so much easier'.

 by Richard Jones

This pack is an excellent resource for an introduction to Persuasive Writing. Our second language students had a nice portfolio of places to look to find words that they could use at a differentiated level. They had colourful handouts that encouraged the students to write to their highest level. They had useful introductory prompts to choose from. All in all it was a useful, inspiring, and inspirational few weeks of lessons worth of material. Thanks for all your efforts.

 by Stefano
Fantastic Resource

I do love all the packs, but this is especially useful for teaching step by step and creating displays. I would suggest to add more differentiation in all the tasks.

 by karen Harper
Cross-Curicular resources

Quote from a Yr 7: "Oh, so we are not doing English (I don't like that), we are doing writing for Humanities!"
A reluctant student where English is concerned, but we trialled these last half term and the student developed eagerness to persuasive writing about a host of topics. English SPaG skills developing nicely too.

 by Justine
Excellent resource

This is an excellent resource to support students as they navigate persuasive writing. The activities are engaging and relevant to students.

 by Rachel
Awesome pack

I love using this pack in class. Students always enjoy arguing their point before turning it into a piece of writing. The information posters also make for great wall displays and use in lesson.

 by Glynis Martin
Thanks for the resource!

I have just begun a unit on Persuasive Writing with my Grade Nines. They have not developed mastery of the genre, despite being at this late age. The contents of this pack are easily accessible for them / understood by them and - as always - you have taken the slog work out of the preparation, for which I am grateful.

Thanks ever so much.

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