The School Life in Malawi Pack

Help your children to explore what life is like for children at a school in a Malawi with this comprehensive pack of teaching, activity and display resources. It includes a topic guide, posters, fact files, maps, teacher and student profiles, banners, bunting and more!

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In this Teaching Pack…

  • One 10 Page Guide to School Life in Malawi – A handy guide that can be used to teach your children about Africa, Malawi and school life at Matandani Primary School. Includes information about the climate, seasons, language, school years, the school day, subjects, classes and more!
  • Two Malawi Fact Files – A handy one-page guide that can be used to learn about Malawi. Available in two different versions and covers population, geography, economy, landmarks, sport, language, food and more!
  • Two Sets of Malawi Fact File Questions – A set of comprehension questions to test your children’s understanding of our Malawi Fact Files!
  • Twenty ‘Malawi Similarities and Differences’ Resources – A collection of twenty images that show different aspects of life (and school) in Malawi. Can your children identify similarities and differences with their own experiences? What else would they like to find out?
  • Three Malawi School Timetables – Explore timetables for different year groups in Matandani Primary School and answer our related questions. Why not compare them with your own school timetable too?
  • One Set of School Shop Problems – Discover the prices of items in the Matandani school shop (in Malawian Kwacha) and use them to solve our related problems!
  • Four Malawi and Africa Maps – Maps that show Malawi and Africa. Also includes outline maps so that your children can add / label places and features.
  • One ‘Flag of Malawi’ Resource – Learn about the different parts of the flag of Malawi and challenge your children to design their own!
  • One ‘National Anthem of Malawi’ Resource – Learn the song that is sung by children every morning at every school in Malawi. Available in Chichewa and English.
  • Six Pupil Profiles – Learn about the lives of children who attend Matandani Primary School. How do their lives, experiences and dreams compare with your own?
  • Four Pupil Profile Templates – Ask your children to create a profile about their own life on one of these blank templates. They can then compare their profile with the ones about the children at Matandani Primary School.
  • One Set of Teacher Profiles – Profiles of three teachers at Matandani Primary School, with related comprehension questions.
  • One ‘School Crest’ Activity – Learn about the crest of Matandani Primary School and ask your children to design their own!
  • One ‘Matandani School Uniform’ Resource – Use the templates provided to compare Matandani’s school uniform with your own… or design a brand new uniform!
  • Two ‘Weather in Zomba’ Resources – Explore the average monthly temperatures and precipitation data for Zomba, the nearest town to Matandani Primary School. Challenge your children to interpret the data by solving the related questions and compare it with their own local areas too.
  • One 42 Page Malawi Image Pack – A set of images (with captions) that show different aspects of life in Malawi. Use them for discussion, inference and comparison with life where you are.
  • Thirty-Two Malawi Fact Cards – A set of facts about Malawi. Use them on a classroom display, for independent research or as part of a scavenger hunt with our matching question sheet!
  • Three English / Chichewa Posters – A collection of posters that show words and phrases used in general conversation, numbers and colours in English and Chichewa.
  • Three Sets of English / Chichewa Cards – Sets of cards that show words and phrases in English and Chichewa. Cut them out, jumble them up and match them together again. These could also be used as flashcards if you stick the English and Chichewa words back to back.
  • Three Display Banners – Three banners to add to the display boards in your classroom!
  • Two Sets of Bunting – Hang our eye-catching bunting and decorate your classroom with an ‘Africa’ or a ‘Malawi’ theme!

We would like to thank Andy and everyone at Matandani School in Malawi for their help with the creation of this pack. Watch the video below to view samples of resources from the School Life in Malawi Pack.


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The School Life in Malawi Pack
Average rating:  
 6 reviews
 by Nigel
Excellent pack!

I used this pack with a Year 6 class who were learning about Africa. They enjoyed learning about school life in Malawi, particularly reading about the teachers and comparing them to teachers at our own school.

 by Karen
School Life in Malawi

I used this pack last year when looking at the theme of schools with 4th Class. The School Life in Malawi Guide provided all the information I needed as a brief overview of life in Malawi while the Malawi Similarities and Differences resource was great for the children to discuss the similairties and differences between life in Ireland and Malawi.

 by Lesley B
Excellent and detailed resourcec

This a a detailed and balanced pack for teaching about a contrasting country and one of the best I have seen to show a range of life styles and 'real life' of an African country.

The wide ranging and relevant photographs can be used with the power point as a guide, or are available for teachers to add their own questions. I think the PP would be improved if the range of questions linked more closely with the image. eg What can we see about the climate from this image? What can we learn about schools? (rather than what is similar and what is different on each picture). These are minor changes though.

The maps are clear and it is often difficult to find an outline of one country - you have it all ready to use here.This pack is ready to use, provides a huge amount of valuable information plus answer sheets.

 by Karen

Our year 3/4 students have just started writing to pen pals in Zimbabwe, so this pack provides a real insight as to what school life could be like for their pen pals. Over time it will be interesting to compare life in Malawi with life in Zimbabwe.

 by Rhona Findlay
Brilliant -very informative

This is an excellent resource. We have a partner school in Malawi and there are so many similarities with the school in this pack. This will be great for discussion throughout the school. Love the bunting too!

 by Marian
School Life in Malawi

I have just been looking at your new Malawi pack; what a special insight into a totally different life for children and how humbling to see their enthusiasm for learning and life! I am very much hoping that I will get to use the resources for teaching, since it will give our children a much greater insight into 'other worlds!'

Thank you for all our hard work and creativity!

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